Date: August 13, 2001, the IDF removed: ’cause today (Wed), 25: Bab תשע”ד, 13 August 1961, he was appointed Commodore commanding abman pine designed for” new age “.
The ceremony was held at the base commander designed “new age” nachshonim, OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon.
Brig. Gen. Oren abman replaces his Commodore Amir abulafia who served in that role for the past two years.
OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon said: “we’re moving the over designed
“” The loyal hands of Amir’s strong arms. Amir, with you, and ogdatit operating concept of laying the foundations for the rest of have the operative plans and ensuring that units are ready and commanders particularly stable, fit and ready for their job.
We are currently in the military campaign operation “Cliff” and the political campaign. The rest is unclear, but one thing is clear: the IDF’s vigilance and preparedness to fight any enemy hurt Israel citizens and threaten their own safety “.
A “new age” decorated Commander, Brigadier-General Amir abulafia: “in these days of
Security stability, all partners a sense of cohesion and the desire to participate and make a difference.
Days of tapering our responsibility, as a reserve Division, to be prepared for every scenario and action. The militia units were active during both operation command pillar “and performs” bluff “, who has not yet been completed. The post said my immense responsibility towards the value-irreplaceable. “
The commander said “new age” designed, “Brig. Gen. Oren abman privilege a lot after more than 27 years of service as Commander of the IDF fighter, to be in this position, some wonderful bunch. You challenge and pekudei says, is to reshape the Division. A candle at the change of command and no weaponry or weapons transport critical war, but spirit, professionalism, and personal example. In our part the right to design “genetic code” Division. Build, hang and be ready for the day. Do it modestly, sweat, toil and tears “.

Translated from Hebrew