Date: August 31, 2001, the IDF removed 10 that today (Sunday), 5 תשע”ד, 31 August 2014 Ellul, Commodore and Commander Adam-designed” South “foxes in southern command.
The exchanges took place at the base of the Division headquarters, southern command Chief, Maj. Gen. Solomon (Sammy) turgeman, and controls Division, fighters and family members are welcome.
Adam and replaced his Commodore Mickey Edelstein, who served in this capacity during the past two years. Commodore Edelstein is expected to serve as “Chinese” and designed training center.
According to the southern command Chief, Maj. Gen. Solomon (Sammy) 9: “you say you found believe. The preparation, the training, the long days and nights, they paid themselves in recent fighting. Gaza Division on your command, a Grand Chapter registration
In the battle of combat and Israeli contribution to the excellent operational achievements obtained is broader than cut the Division’s responsibility. Development of operational capabilities, knowledge and perceptions led them – the fighting affected other divisions operating in the region and that another evaluation command.
From the Division Commander, Brigadier General Mickey Edelstein: “Division operational period knew times varying weapons against Gaza Strip and across the western border. Did the diagnostic challenges in and will be in an emergency, to sharpen the response to possible scenarios and the qualification and vigilance required in space, in geography, population, etc. I tried that, besides the clarity of mission responsibilities be clear to everyone that this is not the one but harnessing them all to dialogue and joint action from openness to discussion through the optimal response required against various challenges. “
From the Division Commander, Brigadier General Adam, “and in the last two months between you and Mandy saw Israel Defense Forces, Gaza and South bound sirtho on organic and its units gathered to battle in full tpartchm, loaded with values and a sense of mission, and responsible, knows every detail and see the complete picture, and attackers, fire triggers and savor, aggressive and tough, and moral values at the same time, painful and proud and your hometown to light and to the glory of the State of Israel. Nights and long days, I had a great honor and pride to be part of this army was an example and a symbol and martial’s masterpiece in a complex and multifaceted campaign and see you standing shoulder
To shoulder to shoulder and Nablus and bring victory.

Translated from Hebrew