Date: 2009/09/2014, 6:08 pm the IDF spokesperson onlyone ethics (c), 14 תשע”ד, 9 Elul September 2014, Colonel a. stolovitz, Commander of the Brigade in a ceremony at Hermon
The camp “bhermon” appeal.
The Exchange ceremony was held in the presence of the Commander, Brigadier-General kiln designed “ofek buchris, the Division’s commanders and members, and family members are welcome.
Colonel a. stolovitz replaces his sub champion Balaji, which played this role over the past two years.
The Commander, Brig. Gen. kiln designed “ofek buchris:” two years ago, Hermon was area
Training of IDF forces in the past two years, this sector across the border has become
Brutal zone for terrorist organizations, Syria and Lebanon. We will continue to work with and wisely and be ready to make peace today and will continue to apply to our citizens. “
The Brigade Commander, Hermon Colonel Balaji “changes, such as those that occurred on the Syrian border, ever doesn’t move with ease – and every military organization. Even when we understand that’s going to happen once, then changing action patterns that held 40 years – much harder. The Hermon Tin demanded of us first and foremost psychological completion with the new reality. Then came the development of different operational, operational management, and new enemy in other levels, changes in infrastructure and more.
Division Commander “Hermon”, Colonel a. stolovitz: “we are in the midst of a very challenging period for our country perched in an erupting volcano of revolutions in the Western world. The challenges of change can be seen here and on the Golan Heights, and eyes can notice that supervised the sound voices the Syrian side, try and try again probably will challenge the State of Israel.
Our first duty is to stand as a wall shape and defend against attacks on Israel’s citizens and the country’s sovereignty over our land. “

Translated from Hebrew