Date: 2009/10/2013, the IDF removed midnight that day (Wed), 5 November תשע”ד, October 9
2013, Colonel AVI Dahan to Division Chief. The Exchange ceremony held at Mount yehoram status South OC, OC (Sammy) turgeman, Commander red “designed, Brig. Gen. Roy elkabetz, and controls Division, fighters and family members are welcome.
Colonel AVI Dahan replaced in the Colonel Roy Barry, who served as Commander of Eilat Division last year. Colonel Roy Barry appointed commander South of the HFC.
The words “red” decorated Commander, Brig. Gen. Roy elkabetz: “Eilat חטמ”ר responsible for the protection of the southern and western border
The city protection. Eilat, Israel’s main tourism which comes from hundreds of thousands of vacationers, is an economic asset, and strategic security of the State of Israel.
Hence, the protection of the city of Eilat and the mrachva, is a task of paramount importance and be our eyes anytime and in any situation.
According to the Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Roy Barry: “this year we went a long way of successful.
In all areas. Practice of building the nascent Division, operational achievements, deepen the sector handles intelligence, care and nurturing and strengthening the communication and co-operation with the settlement and the various bodies working in this challenging sector.
The Brigade Commander, Colonel AVI Dahan said: “we are in a challenging period and
That gives us many operational efforts designed to defend Eilat.
I’m sure by command, example, gsertit and professional responsibility of every Warrior and Commander, and by practice and training, we can meet all mission “.

Translated from Hebrew