Date: 23/09/2014, 5:59 pm the IDF spokesperson onlyone ethics (c), 28 Elul, 23 September תשע”ד
2014, was appointed Commodore Mickey Edelstein, Commander of the National Center for dry training (l)
And Sir designed “Sinai”.
The ceremony was held at the base Exchange, targeted the Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur, Commander of the southern command, General Shlomo (Sammy) 9.
Commodore Mickey Edelstein replaces his Commodore Roni NOMA, which played this role over the past two years.
The Commander of the national training center and designed “Chinese Commander, Brigadier General Roni Noma:” a few weeks before ground forces maneuvered in the Gaza Strip, while managers in complex areas against grim and determined enemy. These regular forces and reserves, ordered in the days before operation Cliff Ethan ‘ the training here at the national training center, and your assistance and mentoring the branches and the commanders and the Joint Chiefs centers, magazines geared toward training for fighting in Gaza. Later testified that these commanders training helped them greatly in fighting. “
According to the National Center for control and control training designed “Sinai”, Commodore Mickey Edelstein: “not many weeks ago, we had to carry everything you practiced it. The evening also came here to the national training center, many forces to borrowed time under wings of the national training center. I say to myself-that we were practicing at the Center who can outwit obstacles, but also knows how to give you the tools to build and ready.
Work done so far, but not ended. The enemy is changing and will change and his ability, and is derived from existing challenges before us, our intentions have not changed, and so we have a responsibility to continue to building conservation and the improvement made to command. “

Translated from Hebrew