Date: December 21, 2010, 12:00 am “the opening ceremony” was held yesterday (Mon) at base Tel NOF airbase of the Israeli air force. Eitan is unmanned aerial vehicle, received the air force in February and is developed by the Israeli security industries and the air force. This development marks another technological breakthrough in the unattended tools and an improvement in the operational capabilities of the air force to operate against threats near and far for routine and emergency. The establishment of the Squadron is another step on the way to the new operational.
From the Base Commander, Brig. Gen. p.: “a few minutes ago retired
The squadron flag. The term “air force squadron holds a world full of values, norms, operational capabilities, people, weapons systems and many other areas
But most of all, the term “responsibility”. Responsibility for fulfilling the expectations of the citizens of Israel, responsible for the implementation of operational responsibility, what our responsibilities to continue preserving the heritage.
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