Date: 17/11/2011, 5:35 pm
The IDF removed because during the day the IDF attacked over 50 terrorist networks including the launch of tuck neatly and smuggling tunnels, brings harm to these arrays and weapons warehouses of terrorist organizations.
The operational communications infrastructure being attacked in the northern Gaza Strip used by the Hamas terrorist organization in charge of operators and activity.
So get the area from which the long term fire toward Gush Dan earlier today.
In addition several terrorist squads got affiliated with the terrorist organization Hamas.
This morning.
The crossings opened Erez and Kerem Shalom goods, diplomats and humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip as part of Israeli efforts to ensure the entry of goods and essential supplies to the Gaza Strip.
The Gaza Strip has become an Iranian base and she puts the State of Israel citizens under rocket fire and terrorism tolerated.
The targets attacked were based on accurate intelligence and individual planning during the past few months.
The IDF determined and will continue attacking targets which are bases for terrorism against citizens of the State of Israel.

Translated from Hebrew