The IDF spokesperson is removed because a couple years ago, went into effect the cease-fire about fighting in the South. After eight days of attacks, the IDF achieved the objectives defined for operation “pillar” and landed a blow to the terrorist organization Hamas and military capabilities.  As a result of IDF activity, recorded significant impairment in the command and control of targeted Hamas, the Chief of Hamas ‘ military wing, Ahmed jaabari, through injury in terrorist networks, and Hamas’s military bases to bombing dozens of smuggling tunnels and booby-trapped tunnels during the attacks destroyed and damaged
By IDF strategic capabilities of Hamas rockets and launch distances
(Over 40 kilometers), hundreds of rocket launchers and medium and short ranges. As a result
The fact that the launch capabilities of Hamas have substantially and during the fighting, decrease the amount of time. The “iron dome” system has achieved high success rate (84%).
And the precision of Hamas dispatches to built-up area in the country has remained below 7 percent. IDF forces, regular and reserve, who gathered with reading in the past few days, the Conference conducted a ground maneuver phase and time spent training and operational competence improvement.   Operational achievements over the scope of those brought to the ripening conditions for the cease-fire achieved tonight. Also
At this point Israel residents should continue to abide by the provisions of the home front command.

Translated from Hebrew