Date: 03/04/2013, the IDF removed midnight that day (Wed), Nissan תשע”ג, 23 3 April 2013, the General staff of the IDF, led by Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, a special seminar at Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem.
Browse became a tradition, focused this year on “seventy years of the Holocaust,” rebellions Heroes ‘ ethos in the Jewish world, Israel and the IDF during the seminar ב”מצפור memorial ceremony Partizan.
The Chief underwriter Symposium “Holocaust Day is a good opportunity to remind all those who seeking to test its strength behind tears never dry, stand today and strong shields; Also shields
The worst terror cannot undermine the determination and steel faith in righteousness of way.
The victory of our soldiers at various locations in the complex daily campaign they are waging against the terrorist organizations, they prove that even today, 70 years after the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Jewish youths armed with defense and a sense of mission.
The Warriors act right-because there is no greater Act of Justice right of the Jewish people to live freely in the country.

Translated from Hebrew