Date: 25/05/2013, 12, the IDF spokesperson is removed because the hinterland of Israel starts the day
י”ח, 1 תשע”ג, may 27, 2013 and last three days until Wednesday, 20 may תשע”ג, may 29, 2013.
In this exercise, you will participate in the home front command, the Defense Ministry, the national emergency management authority (רח”ל), local authorities, government agencies, security and rescue organizations, the education system and public and private bodies.
In focus
Exercise “turning point” this year, I decided to try out the unconventional event away from and contact with local authorities and emergency preparedness.
During the exercise, exercise and in different scenarios across the country, run by the home front command and the Defense Ministry.
In the framework of
The exercise on Monday, may 27, 2013 at 12:30 p.m. sound and half old practice alert
Across the country, and another practice alert at 7:05 pm. At 7:05 pm, sound an alarm.
Go up and down in different areas. In fact, if event sound more alarm and get a message in the media.
IDF spokesman stresses that the exercise, the seventh year, planned as part of the training for 2013 graph
And construction that Kedah in recent months, National Director in collaboration with various factors.
The exercise is an annual opportunity to prepare the public for emergencies, for various systems, cross-organizational coordination and improving the preparedness and response to protect the nape.
Home front command runs in the first day of the exercise “message.
“, In which the system will alert the moderator who send mobile broadband service. Therefore, you may have received from people throughout the country during the alarm.
In the framework of
The exercise practiced in schools and kindergartens across the country and schoolchildren will practice entering protected areas. When the alarm also an IDF bases come from ministries and public institutions from entering protected areas.
There are cooperating with the exercise and sound to front command: with the sound of the alarm are asked Venezuelans to exercise
Entering the protected area, chosen in advance, based on the time of entrance protection disposal-at home, in the workplace or any structure whereby anyone. If you cannot log on to the protected area while the practice alert: get the safest space nearby and stay for 10 minutes. The home front command directives in the past life, save them.
It should be emphasized that all essential services, including hospitals, properly and so attract conferences and mass incidents. Vehicles, private and public, will continue as a series also sound the alarm (traffic will not be interrupted, but must abide by the home front command directives while travelling by car).
Regarding difficulties and faults in the alarm-contact the information center of the HFC in 1207 phone.
The issues related to shared and public shelters refer to city information.
For more information please contact the information center of the HFC in 1207 and phone to the Web site at

Translated from Hebrew