Date: 30/04/2013, 12, the IDF spokesperson is removed because in a joint IDF and general security service in northern Gaza Strip, an activist Ziad Ibrahim House of shal, 89, a resident of the Shati refugee camp who was involved in the promotion and implementation of a Chinese rocket shooting Eilat by the Shura Council on 17 April 2013. It also involved a steep trajectory gunfire toward villages.
Shal, follow through ג’יהאדיים and salphim organizations in recent years anchoring terrorism in Gaza. This is about.
In the manufacture of weapons expert who acted against all terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.
The shal
Involved in the production and improvement of weapons of various kinds, especially focused on
Fighting IEDs and boosting them to various terrorist organizations for the purpose of financial gain, as well as promoting terrorist activities against the State of Israel and the IDF.
In the framework of
Its activities help shal also organization of the Mujahideen Shura Council in Jerusalem ends, which consists of slaphim and activists working within the global Jihad and was involved in widespread terrorist attacks against citizens of the State of Israel and IDF soldiers for several years.
The IDF will continue to act against anyone who runs against citizens of the State of Israel and the IDF.

Translated from Hebrew