תאריך: 22/04/2015, 14:14    

IDF ethics because today (Wed), Bayer תשע”ה, 22 April 2015, held memorial ceremonies Israel fallen soldiers and victims of hostilities in cemeteries across the country.

On the citizens of the State of Israel and IDF bow my head in memory of the fallen in Israel systems and hostilities.

Also this year we had to pay a price in lives of the best sons and daughters who died in defending the State of Israel and its citizens. The IDF remembers the sons & daughters and carries the heritage which is a model for the soldiers.

In General, and victims in particular maintains close contact with the bereaved families.
Throughout the year, accompaniment, formation and taking all the means at its disposal to ease the pain of the families and for shoulder supports.

In death we are commanded to continue to work toward the goal to put defense fought on the State of Israel and its existence.

Translated from Hebrew