Date: 30/10/2014, 10:39 pm the IDF removed because today (Thu) 6th November תשע”ה, 30 October 2014, the tribute event South of IDF commanders who participated in combat during operation” Cliff “.
The event was held at Tel Aviv University, Chief of the General staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, Commander of the southern command, General Shlomo (Sammy) turgeman and commanders of major and took part in the fighting.
The ceremony awarded superiors and India but aiming during the operation. Distributed officers also recognitions for the transport operation, in order to honor their contribution for protecting and maintaining the security of the residents of the State of Israel.
According to the Chief of the General staff,
General Binyamin (Benny) Gantz: “command does not begin on the battlefield, that if built gradually providing personal example, responsibility and trust. At the end of the day, central command was measured during test on the battlefield. During “Cliff” we put to the Hamas organization and
Working toward terrorism and have fought to stop hostile activities and ensure the peace and security of the South and Southeast. The campaign worked, IDF soldiers under fire, bravely, determined to fulfill their mission and protect the home. They carried their own, just as you promised and trusted for pkdikm up the road. They fought knowing that leads them the most qualified for the job, one that will lead them safely in a storm. This is what you
In which we note the significant contributions of you and Commander Southern command troops to act our recent accomplishments, this opportunity to express appreciation to you, Gen. Sami turgeman. During
When your term as Commander of command often informed of my fitness training fee for each possible scenario, and it reached the field prepared, alert and ready. Your experience as a soldier and Commander, and your familiarity with the sector would be an asset during the campaign and allow the control of the fray in a Coke, and determined. “Land of the South, quiet but not silent” written in command, not anthem. The peace achieved in the South of the country is the product of intensive and prolonged work and it could be a broken instant. We continue to keep an eye on the various scenes from Lebanon and the Golan Heights, Judea to Gaza via Sinai; We stand vigilant and ready to act at any strength required to carry out our mission-a mission of defending the State of Israel. “
According to the southern command Chief, Maj. Gen. Solomon (Sammy) 9: “I salute you brave commanders on personal example show, on the professionalism, the steadfastness and faith in the righteousness of way. From an encounter with you got out of strength and pride. The synergy between all the troops and arms, which characterized this campaign so there was a real force multiplier and demonstrated once again the power of togetherness unity.
The fighting has claimed many victims, us and hurting. Seventy-two of Toby, commanders, soldiers and civilians fell during the fighting. This evening I would like to express our grief and to participate in the liver of ablan. Next to fighting and difficulties completing, we discovered the right and proper among Israeli society. The embrace, corroboration and support received from all parts of the nation, filled the hearts of pride and encouragement and motivation to injection enabled to withstand any difficulties and prolonged fighting.

Translated from Hebrew