Date: 16/04/2013, 12, the IDF spokesperson onlyone morality (Tue), Bayer תשע”ג, 16 6 April 2013, excellence ceremony President in תשע”ג at the President. During
The ceremony gave the President, Mr. Shimon Peres, certificates of excellence to 120 outstanding soldiers and officers of IDF units.
The ceremony was held in the presence of the Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, Defense Minister, Mr. Moshe (bogey) Ya’alon, Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, general staff Forum members, officers and soldiers who Excel and their families.
The ceremony opened with the fly-a helicopter “OWL” and two of “burned” over the President followed the ceremony at the President House Garden, received the ‘ excellence and merit certificates and pins from the President of the country.
The soldiers were outstanding, comprehensive process and various committees and won the title of “President” Excellence Prize awarded, which is example
And an example for the entire army, subvert their intentions for excellence and demonstrating dedication, professionalism and responsibility.
The honors diploma, honors received, of the Association of a scholarship of $ 1,000 (approximately $ -3,600), blavatnik Foundation donation “, the establishment of Mr. Len blavatnik, the contributors of the friend of Association uk (UK Friends of AWIS).
Among the 37 outstanding women, 83 men, 15 soldiers, six soldiers, officers and volunteers 66 fighters.
The President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres: “you are the army of Israel! Without you, there was no Israel. Israel, know peace. I’m glad to see you here at full human and social diversity of the IDF’s spectacular arch. This is a bad color spectrum and freedom. This is the request takes precedence over the sound of sectarianism and gender. This is mrashita request
To end all “all Israel. Thank each and every one of you. “
According to the Chief of the General Staff General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz: “this nation know that last year,
We in the IDF’s preparedness, deterrence and buildup. But she mostly know the iron dome is the marvelous is President today. The Group leading the baoshim. I’m always proud of me to serve with the control
For people like you. Choice is choosing resolution and is an ongoing commitment.
Word families, lovers, soldiers fighting excellence, judging by the fact that children were chosen to be here, this independence day is also the Education Award. On behalf of the State and military mtbrchim and proud, I want to thank you for raising sons and daughters of those who told them “to the glory of the State of Israel.”
We dream of the day when peace will come, but until that day happens continues to prepare for battle. Will continue its role in the defence of the House continues its role as the people’s army that unites the best of the country’s youth with a shared service, shoulder to shoulder. “

Translated from Hebrew