IDF’s outposts will be concentrated sea central control

Reduction process of control posts in the chemical control of Judas coming soon to an end with the establishment of a central post. In addition to new technology and the decision-making process

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חיל הים

Control of the Northern outposts are reduced to one central post. At the same time,
New observation technologies to the chemical control. So the most important three small bumpers is upgraded
Whose role is to observe and detect terrorist infiltrations.

“The locations where cameras are embedded control
News, can identify anomalies, and generate an alert, so you can save.
Have auto scan “capabilities, told IDF weaponry Department website, Colonel
Alicia Payne. “It’s very complicated, and we have to avoid false alerts, but stand it,” he added.

In the last decade has changed the array from the method, called “remote control”. A small control posts were closed and converted into one central post, which contains all the Beck (maritime command controls) and screens.

In the coming years will also control posts, spread throughout the North Coast, gradually that leaves only a central post – a step which is the final link in the program. “To get all the Beck of the sector, and sitting in front of screens that display snapshot gsertit, General
Sensors and cameras, “said IDF major site NIR, Jon placed Olga future
To close.

Reducing costs and improving vision gsertit.

The thought of change is brewing in the Navy for a while now, and the process is expected to be completed in the coming years. It is a transformation that embedded positions also control others: Navy at sea have been closed have been converted into a regional command posts for a major post at the beginning of the year, and at Ashdod there is also a central control post.

“The concentration trend available resource efficiency, professionalize the observation capabilities”, explained the school’s Commander, Capt. Hilla Goldman. “All stationed and skin requires logistics, and control. These are significant costs, you can save, “she noted.

Moreover, it also contained an operational advantage: today, Beck in slices number
The command control when receiving data from cameras and sensors in the distribution by sector. The information
Eventually drains to one post, its exclusive authority for significant decisions, which can lengthen the response time. From one central control post, municipalities all powers which solved this problem.

Krayot marine control which completed the course last week, is expected to enter a new world of control “due to developing technological capabilities, which allow precise sensing and fast data transfer. “This allows us to put sensors in high and remote locations,” explained Captain Goldman.

“Improvements in technology allow effective control”, the school of command and control, “adding that” people are not aware of the importance of the role. Don’t they know that while sitting on the beach, quiet around them the Beck day and night.

With this Court agree wholeheartedly finishing the course. Two of them, both twins Jordan and Jasmine from Kibbutz Shaar Hanegev in the Gaza Strip. When the stones upon them at Ashdod, they realized they actually follow their captain, to serve the adjacent sector.

“It was fun to be with my twin sister in a course, it felt like I got company all along,” said jasmine. “That’s one less person to miss him on Saturday,” added Jordan. Ashdod base feel at home-remembering many visited there when another father served there. In addition, we both feel like there service is protecting your home. Until now our father protect us, and now it’s our turn, “Jasmine talk.

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