As part of efforts to eradicate the phenomenon of reduced availability for example, weapons, and developed an automated system that allows you to get the information the soldier throughout his service, for adversity in time

תאריך: 01/01/2014, 19:34    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The casualties now run this year, both to move
Notices about the wounded and the dead and to maintain their contact with the bereaved families and the families of the missing soldiers. With the beginning of 2014, the manpower Directorate indicate that today the IDF still missing five days. This is Judah Katz, Zvi Feldman and zakharia baumel missing since 1982 after the battle of Sultan Yacoub, Navigator Ron Arad, missing since 1986, and guy friend who is missing since 1997.

Also, still exist in a grave spaces 179 unknown. Of the 98 war of independence, independence war 56 until the Yom Kippur war, the Yom Kippur war 19 6 after the Yom Kippur war, aviation accidents. As part of an intense campaign to locate the burial spaces, the last five women identified burial places of 22.

In 2013 the IDF lost information, but a decrease in the number of casualties since 2012.
In 2013 were 40 total spaces, compared to the year 2012 which fell 42.
Among the martyrs who fell in 2013, five killed in operational or hostile terrorist activity, and two others died in accidents. Fourteen soldiers were killed in road accidents, what
That is an increase since last year in which eight soldiers were killed as a result of aktel in roads.
Moreover, a decrease of 75% in a example or death for example from 2010 onwards. In 2013, seven soldiers killed themselves, compared with double that number in 2012.
The Israel Defense forces continue to act with determination to reduce the example class,
By many significant measures. Currently operates in an automated system which enables a commander to get information on the historic soldier throughout his military service and locate distress beforehand, along with increasing involvement of commanders and Heather Internet service, and before the draft. At the same time, began reducing the availability of weapons, soldiers and the Internet and existing committees are periodic with all detail of the handle unit. Another step is implementing values such as mutual guarantee and choice of living as part of a training.

Meanwhile, two soldiers were killed in 2012 in training accidents while this year there were no spaces in the framework of such accidents. At the same time, not soldiers, were killed in gun accidents in the past three years. The number of soldiers the hardest during 2013 also decreased significantly from 70 last year to 40 this year. Only one soldier was seriously injured as a result of operational or hostile terrorist activity, five in accidents and 10 training
Traffic accidents (drastic reduction since 2012, where 27 soldiers were seriously injured in road accidents).

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