In a break from the operational activity, the Warriors helped extract a rare Eagle

Golden Eagle, a rare bird in the country is endangered, fell to Wadi as was shschna. The artillery corps fighters enlisted to help the nature protection society in saving the life of the Eagle

תאריך: 29/04/2013, 16:36    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Between operational, “Tiger” battalion fighters of artillery corps
Find time for the benefit of nature: last week, were called by the nature and Parks Authority and the society for the protection of nature, to save a fallen Eagle chick to Wadi shschna, posed.

The fighters are engaged in normal operations in the Etzion Brigade in operations to prevent terrorism and the spread of riots. But last Tuesday, reading
The situation was slightly different. “That day came to the base of the society for the protection of personnel and Bert, and asked several soldiers to join them to help find a baby bird,” said cpl. Roy smog, from חמ”ליסט,” it was 5 a.m. and did not understand what exactly is going on, but immediately organized and joined. Note that the Warrior soldiers came to view adjacent to the Jewish settlement of Nokdim and after half an hour they couldn’t recognize the chick.

The chick, which found itself at the bottom of the Valley, was rescued by the society for the protection of nature.
After the extracted that turned out to be a Golden Eagle chick (“Golden Eagle”), a rare bird.
In a country that is endangered. “We wanted to help that little bird that is in serious danger, mostly because wild animals can eat it soon. For us, the event was breaking routine, and us citizens to come and see the army not only humane, but doing things all the time and effort for “the numbers.

Translated from Hebrew