In a special operation, the Brigade raided Israel trail

לוחמי הנח”ל בשביל ישראל. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The Warriors broke the operational procedure unique days of benefactor gone, meetings with high school students and cleaning operations: “look at the State of the image is expanded.”

תאריך: 04/04/2014, 15:15    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל


In normal circumstances, eight o’clock in the morning are the fighters lay in keeping the tour or sleep after the arrest. But Wednesday morning this week.
They opened in a completely different way: about half b, white shirts were printed emblem of the JNF, and they of Israel Army for two days of March.
When they are divided according to companies traveling different paths simultaneously, the fighters all 940 kilometers of Israel. The first of its kind, which was created in collaboration with the Jewish National Fund, Israel conducted a sign encouraging recruitment and substantial combat service, understanding and connection to her.

In a special operation, the Brigade raided Israel trail

Along the route held meetings with high school students and making the campers around the country who marched along with the Warriors on some routes.
Integrated content activities along with Jewish heritage values and history. “The days of respite, and connection to the land, and the heritage of our defense,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Jihad, Gilead Amit. “I want you to look at the State through prism of warrior or a student, but receive an expanded image.

The Evergreen Brigade cap was known as Division of sons of seeds, often with strong affinity oshbnickim or turned over to land and agriculture. Nowadays you can see wide range human between rows: warriors from around the country and the world, and the ends of the social and economic spectrum. For Israel marched shoulder to shoulder oshbnickim fighters, immigrants and Sabras.
“It is time for another course of evil and we’re building here, which should exist on all levels – through training and employment as well as through such opportunities, which
Leaves them to meet each other in a different way, “said Lt. Col. Amit.

In a special operation, the Brigade raided Israel trail

During March the company had surfaced that 50 battalion’s runways Oak Creek and Yagur, met with o-vineyard “Apprentice” and Druze 4000 meters with high school students from Pardes Hanna. In between stopped cleaning operation are also short and collect garbage in the Carmel forest. At the same time other battalions marched them tracks from Dan to Eilat. The routes that were defined by the JNF (and rightly so) is intended to go – but best for similar distances and more regular with heavy weights won’t challenge it.  “It was really fun to get out of the routine,” said Sergeant Mohammed. “I love nature and explored in citizenship. Have the stigmata on
Each Division, and eventually it also true – Noah really has a lot of guys who love the country and more connected.

Translated from Hebrew