In honor of Tu Bishvat: new Gaza Division planted forest

הנטיעות, אתמול. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Gaza Division soldiers, survivors and civilians of the Gaza envelope together about 1000 olive trees planted referred “forest,” a soldier who is in contact with the population is a good soldier. “

תאריך: 14/01/2014, 11:45    
מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

Start operations in Gaza Division: clan planted yesterday (Monday) about 1000 olive trees which stand Jerusalem forest. The trees planted in the master Division troops in the sector, the warriors and commanders, in cooperation with the citizens of Jerusalem, Holocaust survivors and grades of schools in the Eshkol Regional Council.

“The values that lead us in making the Mission arising from the connection between the past generation that dreamed of
On the ground, the ball is set up and the ball boys who grew up in immigration and independence “,
Deputy Division Commander, Col. Nochi Mendel, referring to the meaning of planting seedlings, donated by the citizens of Jerusalem who attended.

After a ceremony planted most of the seedlings in the joint work of the students from the Gaza Strip, soldiers and Holocaust survivors. “Exciting to see eight or nine year-olds alongside adults over 90,” said Mr Benny Katz, head of the Department between the IDF and the city of Jerusalem.

The Division’s education officer, Maj. David azuelos noted the special relationship started between the children. “The kids were excited and wanted to shower and go,” he said.

Each of the boys also gave a personal letter to a soldier. “It gives the troops the power to perform
The intensity in every day, “concluded Maj. azuelos. “And that is in contact with the population it keeps is a better soldier.”

Translated from Hebrew