In shining power: 401 Brigade was first held as now examine for cause

The Warriors competed among others and fire management. The Chief Officer: “the soldiers trained on skills required during wartime.”

תאריך: 28/11/2013, 18:07    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה“ל

401 Division was first held last week as regimental now examine for cause, during which competed including armored battalions, which field hospital (laughing stock picking station) and headquarters in various professional competitions. Chshirviot day held in the Golan Heights in preparation for training which will begin this week. “This day is professional level of all elements of the armored Corps, with spirit and competitiveness that always brings people to achievements,” said the Chief Officer (קשנ”ר), Brigadier General, olansky Samuel who visited the site.

He later noted that “קשנ”ר it can look like a sports contest but you have to remember that those things really require teams to do in wartime. ” Also, referred to as the chshirviot milestone in the training Regiment. Chshirviot next day
Bigger, because I added to it companies that which moved to the armored Corps. We are building something, more and more relevant, “he said.

During the day the teams competed in competitions plugatis Caterpillar, fire management deployment combat fitness, all while encouraging and morale calls. “In the past we used to do as soldiers now examine for cause almost every year, and this time we decided to take this step forward to the division level, said Makhoul, Sturm Colonel 401. “The focus is on professionalism, the punctuality, teamwork and quality. An armored force personnel professional flag is the most important thing in middle school, “said Colonel.

In addition to strengthening professional capabilities, chshirviot day all add value at level
And consolidation. “This day is also important because the consolidation of, and contribution to the esprit de corps,” said c.
42, Lieutenant Colonel light fan. “It’s teaching and evaluating competitive speed, determination and the professional level in the tanks,” and explained that “at the same time, the corporations competing in the treatment arms methods handle tanks and practice contacts over all the systems.

In conclusion today, Commander of the Division and the factors which seemed pleased with the results. “On this day, there are no losers”, said Colonel. “Many came to me during the day and spoke to me.
The importance of this day. Also, 33.25 speed and quality of the company’s performance, “he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew