Increased motivation to raise the artillery corps and the HFC

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Recruited the second cycle the regular swing front command • main artillery officer: “the fundamental force took part in the recent events in Gaza and Syria borders.”

תאריך: 18/03/2014, 09:56    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי מרץ 2014
פיקוד העורף

The colors turquoise and orange stuffed the recruitment Bureau, March shmhazor
2014 of the artillery corps and raise front command control its doors. In a few months they will be wearing them on their heads colored berets.

In the current period can be seen in the positive trend in increased motivation to raise
The artillery corps. New recruits came from the scene informed topicality, in Gaza and in the North, which took some artillery. “I see the motivation to rise to a prolonged artillery,” noted in a conversation with Chief artillery officer of the IDF (קתמ”ר), Brig. Gen. Roy Riftin.

“More than 50% of applicants for security service arrived here to join the gunners in high priority. In addition, we emphasize too that came with low motivation export map with high motivation. This is why we invest a lot in that commanders will be absorbed.
And lead them to achieve, “he added.

“Recruits look very Commons. This second cycle in a row has increased
The motivation, said of him a strange people (tothanot school), Colonel Yuval Ben-Dov. “I hope they won’t have to turn their weapons, but unfortunately their exports. They’re going to protect our homeland, and it’s not saying comb to inspire them.
They are partners in the campaign, and be prepared to war hope not to come.
Once called the flag they are partners, “he added.

When it comes to generation Y, obviously the investigation carried out by the Corps recruits through the Internet. “Seeing that everyone did good and thorough preparation. There are a lot of people with his brethren and were satisfied. They want to continue this way, “said קתמ”ר on another way to learn about applied for recruitment.

Also recruits to the regular swing of the HFC use the Internet to find out what role they come, but not command and undressed them days, home visits and phone calls. “Search and rescue fighter is a warrior and its beauty is able to give and take life as a warrior and extracts. It is our day, “explained to IDF recruitment officer encourage site is settled, Lieutenant Uriah afriat.

Among the commanders was also excited Sam Mendes, was a Commander is going to accept them
Of the soldiers who will command them. “I told them about our mission and emergency procedure, said Sergeant Mendez on initial contact with the rookies.  “I gave them the background unit, introduced the rescue vessels and their father gave them all kinds of tips for the first few weeks. I see they’re motivated, “said Lai.


Translated from Hebrew