Inspectors Visit More than 100 Businesses Around Israel During Hazmat Enforcement Op
MoEP Director General Yisrael Dancziger taking part in the MoEP's hazardous materials enforcement operation
A national enforcement operation took place in early April, as Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) teams inspected factories throughout Israel where hazardous materials are held. During the operation authorities found hazardous materials at 25 companies that either didn’t have toxin permits or that were storing the materials in potentially dangerous ways. Some of those 25 companies are located near residential neighborhoods.

​More than 100 MoEP professionals, inspectors, and Green Police officers, as well representatives from the Israel Police, environmental units, and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority took part in the enforcement operation on April 3, 2016. They held surprise inspections at more than 130 factories where hazardous materials are stored.

Enforcement procedures will begin against 25 businesses that either didn’t have valid toxin permits, didn’t meet the conditions of their permits, or where hazardous materials were being improperly stored. These procedures can include legal steps such as opening a criminal investigation and/or financial sanctions.

During an inspection in one factory, in the Nesher industrial area, located near homes, inspectors found hazardous materials and environmental hazards related to industrial waste removal. They also discovered that the plant’s toxin permit has not been valid for more than a year. A criminal investigation will be opened against this factory.

In a paint thinner factory in Haifa, inspectors a number of violations were found. For example, hundreds of barrels of hazardous materials were placed outside the plant on the main road and hazardous substances that could harm water sources were found in drainage of the plant. Some of the violations were fixed on the spot. Sanctions will be imposed upon the factory.

MoEP Director General Yisrael Dancziger: "We will continue to take decisive action against anyone who endangers the citizens of Israel. The operation that took place this week is part of process by which we are increasing supervision and enforcement against all causes of pollution. We will not allow any owner of a factory or business to endanger the health of the citizens."

This is the second national enforcement operation conducted this year by the MoEP. It is part of a series of operations aimed at overseeing and taking action against all sources of environmental pollution.