Integrity tests and simulations: June the IDF’s new leadership

צוערים בבה”ד 1. צילום ארכיון: דו”ץ

The mtmiinim will be a new and unique test that examine the value and integrity of the candidates and decides who becomes an army officer will be designated simulations • track dedicated to leadership

תאריך: 21/09/2014, 11:31    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

קורס קצינים

On the way to her integrity questionnaire passing 1: new and unique addition test
The exam tests (cloth) and the soldiers who will become army officers.
The purpose of this questionnaire is to examine attitudes and behaviors of the candidates’s leadership, decided to held due to the importance of the integrity of the officers.

How testing integrity? To answer this question in Behavioral Sciences Division (studied) in research to determine how the values expressed in the roles. As part of the research, senior commanders tishalo College and command (פו״ם) for their views on various subjects and compared their answers to those of prisoners in military jails.
“We looked at what are the most important things when talking about integrity,” explained head sorting systems development dimension, Lt.-Col. Sharon Fisher “We have tested a variety of transgressions — some are unique to the military.

Finally, the questionnaire presented nominees Commission in MBD, asked about a wide range of areas and a large range of offenses, from military discipline offences and offences that accompanied record. “The test examines perceptions of candidates against various crimes-how they see themselves involved in them, how they think others are doing and how they demonstrated compassion toward those who offer these specified offences, Lt.-Col.

Accordingly, the questionnaire shows the test allows to manufacture the tester how the candidate not straight behaviors. “This information is important to understand how the captain acts as if something is happening in front of him,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Fisher. “It’s another element looking for the candidate that we had before.”

Applicants may be disqualified on the basis of this test for several reasons. Soldier slit the offences low, meaning he considers any exception it is a serious offence, or a soldier who does not see any improper behavior-both can be excluded at this stage. “We found that halcion has integrity with other metrics in the Commission, but it also provides information that exists elsewhere,” Lieutenant Colonel Fisher.

Last year the test is a critical step in the direction of miveni, and is a definite relationship between low score dropped out her integrity 1. “This relationship and drop it 1 says the soldier does not conform to the image of the captain, and that’s just the honesty,” Lt. Col. Patrick Fischer. “We believe that the way we test, enhance and ensure the proper officers.”

How it takes an officer to deal with a soldier she had problems at home?

In continuing to seek new ways to examine leadership and compliance refine sorts her 1. Another way for the dedicated leadership track, is a test simulation. Because the amatmiinim are younger and less experienced owners within the military decided to move them to another station in the sorts to examine pikodies abilities.

During the simulation, required soldiers to face different dilemmas within situations that simulate the role. For example, the mtmiinim is required to deal with a soldier she had problems at home, and make it worthy of the IDF officer. “it is a tool used by us, and we follow the links between simulation tests scores and see which one fits trend,” noted Lieutenant Colonel Fisher. “It enriches perspective and helps to determine who the person standing in front of us.”

This add-on is a collection of changes made over the past five years in the miveni. As part of the renewal process, the fabric mtmiinim systematic tests and understandable. “We’re looking at now in the military context, and General probation, Col. Fisher as specified.

In addition, the evaluation method of the candidates to be more systematic. “Giving grades.
Examinees will be systematically, “emphasized. Senior officers may remember tests conducted in classrooms, with paper and pen, and capability requirements.
“Today sorts look different, and have work in front of a computer and typing answers”, Lieutenant Colonel Fisher.

Translated from Hebrew