Intelligence-based fighter

Time jumper, now קמ”ן: Second Lieutenant g served as Warrior, decided to go for ktsvent intelligence and assigned armored battalion:” see more threats focused image improves the performance of the troops in the field. “

תאריך: 13/02/2014, 11:08    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Second Lieutenant g was just one of the many end of the week the trend where blade 1. However, the only change is the Red biretta paratroopers at chomatt. After his service in the paratroopers brigade as a soldier, and focus primarily on the various sectors tours – he joined exclusive intelligence, and he
Will serve as Assistant intelligence officer (קמ”ן) of 188 Division battalion. “I got information really happen,” he says in an interview to the site.

Second Lieutenant j. was born in Israel and lived in the State until the age of 12, Krasnystaw Lara.
“I lived there for six years, and at 18, it’s time to decide if I’m going to college or
Comes to enlist, “he says. He said he had no doubt the right choice.
“I was quite clear that I go back to the army, and considered myself to Israel. I immigrated to Israel in the nucleus ‘ gained through Scouting I was a member, “said second lieutenant g.

After completing a course in Division produced its Chief, from his invited him.
To call. “He told me I was ‘ קמ”נים ‘ (is for creeps to intelligence officer – r. f. brigades). I didn’t know what it was at all, so I started to find some meaning.
The role, “he said. Within the same process discovered second lieutenant g that his uncle served as an intelligence officer in the paratroopers brigade and the interest in a role started to prevail.

However, the move was a routine waiver of a warrior. “Just threw me off a little for combat role for this job, but I quickly understood its importance. It’s better than going on the field and do what you’re told, you accept responsibility for decision-making, “he explains. “It’s a completely different world, but it’s an interesting job,” he adds.

Second Lieutenant g will be one of the first officers to begin to implement counter intelligence investigations (FIV), institution by the staff under observation. According to her, the IDF opened the intelligence capability based on availability and accessibility
Of information to those who consume it. As part of a vision to 2025, one of the principles specified is increasing cooperation between the intelligence arms, and seaports
To the Mainland.

The present is intended to ensure that the tactical intelligence to combat units in the field, so you can use it in real time. “I am responsible for all the intelligence,” said second lieutenant g. “Intelligence from the Intelligence Division down to the battalion level, and we’re available it so that operators can use it. The information arrives regularly augmented intelligence officer and this allows him to the battalion fighting in a better way, “he clarified.

According to second lieutenant g, the information flows as a result of the present implementation improves the performance. “The information can be reached until the regiment level. Ultimately, mph shows
For a more detailed map of Commander and threats focused image – which helps to get the job done, “he States.

When he returned to Israel to join, second lieutenant g underestimated to such changes in roles throughout the service. “I wanted to carry out a meaningful service and contribute as much as possible, and during the service I realized I want to go over, and once you get the chance – Commission,” he testified. “Throughout the course and completed officers we had no idea about the role and outlined the intelligence – and learned everything gracefully,” he adds.

Bottom line, second lieutenant g would be ingish intelligence information from Headquarters to the troops – and would appreciate not one where the enemy is likely to choose to settle and how he chooses to act.
Against the warriors. “I feel ready. I know I have a lot to learn in the course of duty, and I hope you have the initial battalion move smoothly, “he concludes.

Translated from Hebrew