Introducing ‘ iron dome ‘ of the sea

צילום אילוסטרציה: גדי ימפל, דובר צה”ל

The lightning system provides protection against all types of missiles for Navy ships: “the right of the system we can perform tasks at every scene.”

תאריך: 25/07/2014, 17:30    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

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Introducing ‘ iron dome ‘ of the sea

A scenario which conducted the Navy in recent weeks is where terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip are anti-ship. In order to deal with the threat, u.s. Navy ships equipped with unique protection system. “lightning”.

The name “iron dome” system of production, since it functions similarly iron ל’כיפת ‘ known and share a common technological basis with her. “The system came into use
More in the 1990s, long before ‘ iron dome ‘, and is the technological infrastructure for the development of the Mainland counterpart, told IDF site trust officer of ins (naval ship), Lieutenant j. “The system sets a range around the ship, which detected no threat and air these threats were intercepted by the system”.
He said that an effective system against various threats, including sea-coast missile and aircraft attacks.

To protect the ship effectively requires the system to be updated often.
“The system changes and develops depending on the changing reality and she knows to respond to new challenges as well,” said Lieutenant j. “The improvements needed to carry on, whenever happened, even in the past”. He added that “the success of the system is very high, and can be provided them.”

The system operator is a defense of the outpost, and it carries responsibility. “The right of the system we can perform tasks at every scene, even in areas that we know which threats can hurt us,” Lieutenant — 10 of the system.

The Warrior runs the system in concentration over time, scanning the sea. He searches for potential threats on the ship, and at a moment’s notice – might find himself pushing
Press the button to save your life and the lives of his friends. “Every mistake it’s fate,” said the officer. “If any of them do his job properly, then nothing’s going on this ship, Lt. 10.

Translated from Hebrew