Israel and China signed today on a three-year healthcare cooperation agreement

The agreement was signed by Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman and Chinese Deputy Minister of Health Liu Qian, in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Mrs. Liu Yandong.
Pursuant to the agreement, the cooperation between the governments will focus on the following areas:

  1. Medical research.
  2.  Emergency preparedness.
  3. Telemedicine.
  4. Digital Health.
  5. Healthcare Services.
  6. Health system reforms.



Israel and China sign Healthcare Cooperation Agreement


The agreement includes the establishment of a working group that will coordinate the cooperation between the parties and will report to both Ministers of Health in China and Israel on its progress. The working group will define joint projects on which the cooperation between the parties will be based.
The principles expressed in the agreement are a new concept of relations between the two countries, including a definition and characterization of large-scale joint projects, to be carried out by Israeli and Chinese institutions and using the knowledge and capabilities of the health system in Israel. The proposal to China is part of a broader process promoted recently by the Ministry of Health with China and other countries, including the establishment of healthcare projects using government to government agreements (G2G). The Ministry of Health had established a dedicated unit for this purpose.


The healthcare cooperation plan with China is a national government-wide plan led by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Economy and the Israeli Embassy in China, in order to strengthen the healthcare system in Israel, to preserve its globally comparative advantages and to encourage and develop ties between China and Israel’s exports.
Following the signing of the agreement, China Deputy Prime Minister and her entourage will visit the healthcare system as well as a joint seminar for representatives of both countries’ health systems, in which the capabilities of the Israeli health system in the above issues will be presented. The seminar will include a visit at Ichilov and Sheba Hospitals, and a visit to Magen David Adom center and a Telemedicine center operated by Maccabi Healthcare services. Also, the Ministry of Health presented its plans concerning the agreement.
A welcome reception to the Chinese delegation is also planned during the seminar, with representatives of the health system and the medical industry in Israel. The reception is organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the Export Institute.