As a result of Hirbat Shaw complaint investigation, during which raised contradictions. The complainant replied hkiralpni moves suspect two weeks ago complained that Palestinian Hirbat Shaw began near the Neve Daniel settlement on torching his house on 9.3.2016. The complaint said that he saw settlers, identified according to perfume, and they fled. He also reported that his father had seen the day before graffiti address “death to Arabs” approximately 150 yards from the House and five settlers cursed and threw stones at the complainant.

Following an investigation in which a crime to an artist in the SJ district during the investigation which adopted an advanced technological measures have reached police investigators concluded that there was not concern about criminal background event to an artist. During the investigation raised significant discrepancies between the versions of the complainant and the other witnesses. It also raises the polygraph that the complainant’s spokesman lie.

The findings of the forensics lab determined that there are no findings to flammable materials.
Against the complainant investigation on suspicion of obstruction investigation moves, false news about a type of crime and offence against public order. The suspect was arrested and his detention has been extended several times. The case was transferred to the military prosecutor’s Office for the examination of the submission of an indictment.

An investigation into the incident incident Douma village house in 20.3.16 in conjunction with shutdown date and rescue Samaria District indicate that arson but nevertheless evidence involved did not comply with the findings of the investigation.
In investigations of recent events, raising suspicion that those complaining are reporting false reports and try to make the event fires to be nationalistic and thus damage the delicate fabric of life in security complex period. The police accountable to the end with them.

Translated from Hebrew