It operates the start-up of GoC army headquarters

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Wikipedia turns, attack dogs and Facebook application how military works branch ‘ of the worlds major to take developments in information networks and their officers

תאריך: 18/05/2013, 20:15    
מחבר: יהונתן שר, אתר זרוע היבשה

Welcome to the start-up company of GoC army headquarters: branch “bachtiba” technological paradises to the Mainland (חט”ל), put the best technological minds to deliver stacks of documents for shredding and upgrade GoC army headquarters to the computerized world.
The future holds some interesting developments, including Wikipedia, Facebook and apps
For all iPhone צה”לית version.

“Our job, according to the development that occurs in the world today with various information networks-to get the right information, to the right, at the right time to be professional commanders as possible”, says Lieutenant Colonel Eran, head of information systems at the ICT Division of GoC army headquarters. “For example, we are now working on a project like Wikipedia as, and icitho, which provide access to military tactics.
It also held a pilot either teleprocessing network, similar to a social network. I’m careful from Facebook, but the platform is supposed to be similar to produce professional knowledge sharing communities. Ultimately, any tool that helps deliver quick information and takes citizenship can also serve in the military.

It operates the start-up of GoC army headquarters


Screenshot from the new aplkitzia of ‘ sting ‘. Photo: GoC army headquarters

One of the systems developed in the last worlds, is a dedicated information system to sting. “For six months the understaffed, quality system, these days goes to air, says Maj. Melk, one of the. “She’s supposed to process was entirely manual – management of martial equipment only. To date all the information on them was notes and papers, but now the system runs all the lifecycle: from the moment that comes a request to purchase him for bringing and training, through medical surveillance and its assignment to the emission level of the service.

In the future: צה”ליות applications are encrypted in the Chief’s Smartphone

Systems manufactured by no industry will remain imprisoned in bmshrdim computers for a long time. In the future some cellphones come in, and display the user information that is integrated into different applications on the device, e.g. an integrated presentation on a map.
Advanced towards can use cellular phones, secure networks
And encrypted “, says Lieutenant Colonel Emanuel ahnin, Chief. “The devices, with high, powerful processing dozens of counters from the computer, and need to figure out how to exploit them. Can be generated of the Majles bslolari mode in the field appear on map,
With all the events that were in the area, who practice nearby and alert capabilities
Any deviation from the perimeter.

Lieutenant Colonel explains that ahnin already working in the industry for planning military applications.
“Ultimately, as global technology development progresses so also increased the need for military, Col. ahnin agreement. “There’s a boutique software for the arm, to help win with systems that are becoming an indispensable tool in the hands of each control.

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