“It’s almost become a song,” the time soldiers

IDF waves decided to change the project of Memorial Day, so instead of selling artists perform arrangements of songs written by IDF, spaces do soldiers serving in regular service

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

יום הזיכרון לחללי מערכות ישראל

On Yom hazikaron Israel, we want to remember.
To perpetuate, conserve. Get to know us and were not. There are many ways to remember. Maintain and leave the essence and the essence, the story of his life and his story of the fall. There are other monuments, in the gardens of memory. Some marches, and competitions and even streets.

One of the projects to perpetuate and preserve the space’s world in a way that remains in the national consciousness, it is a project that brings military radio station Galei Zahal, which composers wrote songs cavities before they die. This project is already a milestone in Israeli culture and working under the name “soon become” since 2001.
In past years they took famous artists, composed songs and arranged them. Almost all
Israel respected artist took part in this project.

This year decide to wave change-project where artists sell ilachino, Israel Defense Forces troops at present are the composers that process and operations. Depending on the name of the ל”אלה brothers ‘ program. Seven songs composed and recorded and played on the show to be broadcast today, in part helped the soldiers carrying the band music.

Selected songs by IDF during all martyrs of the nation, from a song written by a soldier who fell in the war of independence, the “disaster” in 1997. Some songs written by fighters, but others represent different sides of the IDF-one fall was as a soldier. Even the soldiers chosen to compose the song represents the diversity-warriors and supporters back, boys and girls from different units.

“It’s almost become a song,” the time soldiers

One of these songs was written by Maj. Isaac (Itzik). Isaac was born on 30 July 1958 as a child in his family.  He grew up in Kiryat Ata, green spaces and shmsbivo them is very. Returning his nature descriptions, as in the song “in the meantime” written and composed by the band Spitfire, while members from serving in the IDF.

Isaac enlisted in the Navy to the Naval Academy, and later moved to the paratroopers brigade and went down. From the Golani and paratroopers to Noah, and parachute regiment and served as a staff sergeant with the first Lebanon war her commanded company attached to “protector” designed,
I made my way from Metulla to the outskirts of Beirut. On 9 June 1982, the vanguard force was ambushed and the Syrian leader. The tank driver was killed, and Isaac who believed that left wounded on the ground, ran toward a place aim to extract the wounded. When
The rescue attempt having ambushed by Syrian forces and killed. Isaac was 24 only.

Isaac wrote about love, nature and yearning. “He was a very sensitive and delicate”, says younger sister, at the time of his death was only 14, Jenn.
When he served in Golani is know one of the officers there. He was sending her poems and stories, paintings of nature. He was also filming her sunsets and describes them, “she recalls,” he was writing her love songs. In this song, he told her how much he missed. “

Isaac Kelly was a fighter combat. “From the outside was a man’s man–sturdy, tall, tough. Inside he was soft, fatherly love and creative “, tells his sister,
Ever wondered why choose ACH service route. “If they see him practicing,
Or other military commanders and soldiers-nobody would believe a soul is in it. Who hears the song can assume wrote it, but writer Itzik was a combat soldier in the Rama limbs “.

She said, “when you take a song and composers it is. Each gives a different interpretation of words. It doesn’t matter, as long as you remember that he was here, he was a man who lived and traveled and photographed, and wrote and loved and bread “.

The song was composed by and performed light Greenfield, cm serves as the XO it 7 of C4I Corps, and the ‘ Spitfire ‘ is the soloist. Although between their service in the IDF between services of over 30 separate of year, and the roles they serve far away from the role of Isaac-when they see the words of the song “in the meantime, they knew it was going to happen.

“It’s almost become a song,” the time soldiers

“When we read the first words, and these are not typical words sing the day fear return to battle, but that human song written from the heart of
Man, we felt that we could write a song. It suits us, “says Orr.
“Every soldier, no matter where it serves — in combat or, on land or at sea, feels that this longing for company or family, and hope.

His band, Cadet completing the ICT technology, for singer, identified “the song talks about feeling every soldier feels in the service. Amazing that a soldier who served in Lebanon war.
The first one feels exactly the way we feel today. Note that the wave turning written words to a song made by them in the sacrosanct: “this project ultimately is a big responsibility. We want whoever hears, or feels a particular atmosphere and realize
The context of the song, the memory will stay with us “.

Also the family of Isaac understands the power of preservation to be singing. “I was very excited from the nod. People forget eventually, then there was nothing left of the man who was
My father died and my mother. Isaac was a special person and we all lost.
When he was killed, nor how to commemorate it, says, “this song is conservation.
People may hear it and just think about his name.

Hopefully those hearing the song people will smile and think about the good person, as probably would want her brother. “He was a man of love and that’s what he’d like to feel
When they sing the song. Save each other, at any cost. He gave his life to save others. Such was Itzik. He wanted people to like and love back, “she says.

Yearning is a special feeling and the ב’בינתיים family of ל”עוד several lines of
Meeting moments. ” But in the meantime they will earn you the legacy of Isaac bear with people who have know him, sing to themselves the lyrics he wrote to his sweetheart, and identify with longing,
I feel so for so many years.

Translated from Hebrew