Its pride: from recruitment to combat engineering corps

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Every recruit, you join a year ago on operational experiences
In: ‘ Ethan ‘ Cliff was an engineering operation. There’s nobody else to do our job. “

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מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי נובמבר 2014
הנדסה קרבית

Like most good coral Shechter is about to join the combat engineering corps, he works in mixed feelings. “Everyone around me was talking about the Givati Infantry Brigade, Golani-נח”ל, “he says. However, operation “Cliff”, it took some weeks.
Away after his training as a warrior, he saw how the tables turned: those who live divisions fought WINS to get the engineering battalion which he serves.

“After the operation, I realized how important this force, share good corporal “Ethan” Cliff was an engineering operation altogether — every issue of prevention of an attack on our rivers. We felt we were doing the work and the lives of innocents we have. There is no one else to do our job. “

Its pride: from recruitment to combat engineering corps

CPL. goodies (right) and his troop. Photo: IDF

The operation “caught” the good corporal and his friends during the holiday it got at the end of the training course. “We came to the base in the Hebron region, signed and went to the rally grounds near the Gaza Strip,” he recalled. “For weeks we’ve been trying to keep living as possible – pimp your gear, we have everything and get ready to enter. Many times we were told to go and then canceled and we stress
Crazy. Barbara told us to get in and get ready to move. The adrenaline was insane and believed that actually move the fence.

His company and the corporal entered Gaza.
“Our mission was to scan the area and to see that there are IEDs, to allow troops to move,” he explains. Engineering fighters met the Hamas terrorism.
“We worked alongside special engineering forces and bomb material brought into the shafts, we used as warehouse targets for sabotage and dispatched them rockets, cpl. goodies.

He testified that surprised himself in the operation. “All the training I did not feel I am a fighter, I can go to war, but
When this happened, I realized I was a fighter, I’m doing what I was taught and everything works as it should. Now everybody understands operation is one of the most important forces “, it States.

Translated from Hebrew