Kfir Brigade – people Division: hundreds of fighters have joined its ranks.

תרח”ט כפיר בשנה שעברה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

During November 2013, raising magic comes of living books what divisions expect fresh fighters during training.

תאריך: 19/11/2013, 14:30    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of new recruits of the Kfir Brigade, which moved today, unit rates are expected to make it the largest army brigade in the Division young lives, this year celebrated its seventh birthday, witnessed in recent years a constant increase in motivation of recruits to reach. “Recruiting recruiting we see that people are familiar with the Division, heard it and want to come here,” said Jacob (soldiers training base)
Kfir, Lt. Col. Arie Schori. “Today two men on a deal anywhere.
The fact that this young Brigade gives a lot of desire to enlist. Today we write
History of the regiment and recruits want to be part of it. “

Kfir Brigade – people Division: hundreds of fighters have joined its ranks.

According to Majid, the uniqueness of the Kfir brigade because, in addition to leading the fight in the terrorism and crucial sector, in recent years it became a division of manipulated and all sectors. “The Kfir Brigade has intensified, and about everything” Infantry Brigade, he said. “Today we are in the South, has reclaimed a Gaza battalion, also in the North. Recently finished regimental war scenario exercise in Northern contours, in addition, specify that, “added Mag makes this Division of quality and professionalism, and the fact that it really is possible to find Division with the warriors from Kfir and, new immigrants and ultra-Orthodox Jews who serve in the netzah Yehuda battalion Regiment.

New recruits to the Division expected six challenging months. Three
The first few months will have the basic training, ranging from combat to shooting practice gym and glide. The advanced training will begin developing the Department level and the company, and will be a week in conjunction with armor and helicopters. Then the soldiers will follow the journey of the beret, 74 kilometres long, on the way to the coveted Leopard beret. The training this year, Lieutenant Colonel be little holes that are challenging more than years.
. “The training will include heavier weights and distances,” said. “We have added more warfare training and training in various, complex layouts, and extended the Cap 24. Adjustments were made in the context of a rapidly changing battle space and unclear, and that the appropriate training from operationally. “


Kfir Brigade – people Division: hundreds of fighters have joined its ranks.

From divisional training base of Kfir

New recruits to advise Lieutenant Colonel Schori to meet and help each other and learn to enjoy what the service can offer.  “In a world of virtual reality, the inevitable Middle companies is what will help them in more difficult times,” he said. “Adolescent fighter from week to week and feels how his character is formed, and this is going to be an interesting and challenging period in their lives.

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