During Wednesday`s plenary sitting, Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein addressed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani`s four-day visit to Italy and France and said ”yesterday, we all learned that the president of Iran, who we thought was a cruel and insensitive man who holds a Holocaust denial exhibit, is actually a very sensitive person, so much so that the statues in Rome were covered in his honor, so that his feelings would not be hurt. And if we thought he was not a cultured man and does not respect science and culture, it turns out that he will address UNESCO, the United Nation`s science and culture organization, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.”

”I say these things with utter cynicism, because I have run out of words to describe the hypocrisy; I have no way to define presidents of countries, such as the president of France, who host the Iranian president on International Holocaust Remembrance Day,” Edelstein told the plenum.

”So, we will continue our struggle for the commemoration of the Holocaust, and other people [will act according to their own conscience].”

Knesset Speaker Edelstein: ”No words left to describe hypocrisy of heads of state who host Iranian president on Holocaust Remembrance Day”

Speaker Edelstein views Holocaust-themed exhibit at the Knesset

At Edelstein`s initiative, as a response to Iran`s plan to hold another Holocaust cartoon contest, Knesset members will post on the various social networks today photos from the Holocaust with the caption ”My Holocaust Memory”. In addition, a special exhibit of Holocaust-themed posters will be on display in the parliament building.

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