Let’s build a robot with the naval submarines.

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Absorbing new submarines require an increase in the number of recruits, and naval submarines developed a special project in high schools in Haifa: “opening a window to the world and our special”

תאריך: 01/12/2013, 13:59    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים

These days, the officers and fighters of the submarine flotilla of the high school hallways. To announce the start of a joint project for 11th graders and Navy, supported by the municipality of Haifa, Technion, and dolphin.

Project participants will be divided into groups and autonomous body together will able to travel alone within 10 metres of the deep sea. The competition itself will be held in April, between 30 and 150 boys and girls teams. “The objective of the lex’s Robo-fish special is open to students and the aperture is closed and our special, not hearing a lot about him, and rightly so.
The Navy wants to expose the youth to see what possible technological pillar and the relationship between personal, “said Navy Lieutenant Commander (סמש”ט) submarines, Lieutenant Colonel s. “I hope that the students be portrayed Navy Seal exactly as it is-the world is intriguing and profound, it also had a lot of fun and good people,” noted.

Let’s build a robot with the naval submarines.

Due to the receipt of three new submarines force, a process that will end in 2017, the year the greatest diver ever.
“Ultimately we want to increase motivation, even to fill the places of the new submarines,” explained Lieutenant Colonel s. “It is important for us to know who we’re looking for talented, creative individuals who can work as a team,” he added.

To do so will ה”רובו competition-fish” also scores on aesthetics and originality. “In the Navy there are many graduates of art and design trends, not necessarily those who studied engineering and physics,” said Lieutenant Colonel s. “Whoever gets curious. I already teach him all he needs to know about technology “.

Another characteristic of a Navy is ability when functioning. “Describe the submarine could be stressful environment, described the smash., nevertheless, the competition will be held
In a relaxed atmosphere.  More details in Dolphin Association website, graduates of the Navy.

Translated from Hebrew