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Prague and keili Flight Center and special training of IDF, finish every day this week in practice celebratory moment of lighting candles, laying between training
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תאריך: 04/12/2013, 15:55    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Anyone looking for a special candle, can reach the Center by air and special qualifications (Rho), to see up close how Hanukkah candles
While the course will continue to practice.

The merho was established eight years ago to prepare the task forces. Is subordinated to the infantry and is near the Tel NOF airbase.
He is currently responsible for several units: Sting, counter terrorist unit, supply unit 669 and the jump and fly, which the unit of which (following the rims), a unit of the chapels parachutes and parachuting school.

According to Deputy Commander of the parachute school, Lieutenant Ben Rabin, last year the sector develop the tactical. “Operational area” came into effect and many special units are coming to us, “he says,” this is catching momentum and develops all the military wants our service skydiving courses.

“I’m here four and a half years and sees many changes, like developing the renovation goes on training and become a better place to practice it,” added Lieutenant Rabin, “also a rhino Exchange to occur in the coming year will bring changes in terms of skydiving school.

These days takes place the course composed of elite units, but with the work routine
Worried about the drop directory isn’t abandoning the Hanukkah holiday tradition and every training day gather and campers for lighting menorah. “We maintain a good atmosphere and try to preserve life and routine,”. “, said one of the commanders, רס”ב (Res.) Yossi Attias, “in recent years, but the underlying organizational changes before changing in terms of maintenance and appearance. And maintaining the most important folklore,
And minutes before lighting the candles more plan guides the following bonding.

Although officially exists merho for eight years, even with the establishment of the IDF was established as “parachute unit. In 1949, moving to Tel-NOF unit and opens the parachute instructors course first. Only in 2005 consolidated school, counterterrorism sting, supply unit 669 and parachuting and flying under one command, the Center said, and special qualifications. Eight years later the unit already started new facilities and boasts skilled skydiving instructors and the eighth and final candle they marked eight years since the establishment of the unit.

Translated from Hebrew