Live recruitment opened: golanch of future immigrants.

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Every recruit, you join a year ago about his experiences in operational unit: “there’s a special fraternity exists only in Golani-outsiders won’t understand.”

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מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי נובמבר 2014

The times when sticking to a small window in a room in the Gaza Strip, cpl. Ben
Neria alkalai will never forget. CPL. alkalai, a Golani battalion 51, found himself imprisoned in a cage of smoke after two missiles struck at him with his comb.
“The missiles hit a House, most of the escaped prisoners and three inside,” he recalled in a conversation to IDF website. “rarely seen or heard anything because of fire and smoke continued to spread. That’s when you start fighting yourself, and realize that you have to be strong. I trusted my commanders who will do anything to save me. “

While the rescue team arrived, climbed a ladder to get to the window and began in the bars in order to save cpl. alkali from the flames. “It was like a miracle,” he says. “Happiness flooded me and I felt my body and the pain.
The shtachlati out the window, choke, and later took me on a helicopter to the hospital.

Live recruitment opened: golanch of future immigrants.

CPL. alkalai. Photo: IDF

The same event on sale “Cliff”, end-to-end change in understanding of the role of combat alrhman corporal. A few days after completing his training, he found himself called to combat. “We were supposed to go home for the weekend when the fighter Lords arrested and explained us that needs to go to the rally grounds in the South,” he recalls. “When we arrived in the Gaza Strip area-we realized it was time to give all
I’ve built. The officers and our officers make us powerful moment, lift us and teach us to look forward. “

According to CPL. alkalai, moments before.
The bottom wind Golani continued between the fighters. “There’s a special fraternity exists only in Golani-outsiders won’t understand,” he explains. “Until the last moment.
Before entering, we were sitting together, sing and laugh and let fear affect
None of the guys. “

At the same time understood the soldiers who had just completed the course
Their training now are fighters and their mission is to protect the country. “I learned I have to practice as much as possible to protect the members to” sidebar.
“Coming out of Gaza, everyone took care of me, and I appreciated much more than my life and acknowledged the significance of my role.”

Translated from Hebrew