Live the dream: child cancer patient sailed for סטי”ל with Navy fighters

צילום: עומר שאול, דוברות חיל הים

The cruise is a joint initiative of the IDF and “wishful thinking”, Roy’s wish to sail on a ship of the Navy: “one day I will get a סטיל”ן mask.

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים
בסיס חיפה

From the window of his room at the 18381913, while past treatments against
Cancer, see Roy for the first time IDF missile ships her prolonged viewing incoming ships and Harbor, has planted his dream-to be a commander in Ste.

Live the dream: child cancer patient sailed for סטי”ל with Navy fighters

A wishful shamutt, self-fulfilling wishes of children facing life-threatening, came to anything that was on one of those cruise ships, which has seen thousands of times. By the content, at least for now-till Angers ship himself.

Application of Roy climbed through the ranks and reached the ears of the Navy commander, Gen. RAM Rothberg. It did not hesitate to realize it, and on Monday sailed Roy aboard the ins yafo to sea. As the ship passed across the shoreline, the gaze of ROI
Searches the hospital building farthest, and his eyes wander across the Windows. “I was looking for
The window from where I sit, I saw the sets. When I found him I remembered
Myself during treatments, told IDF site. “there is no doubt that far to see the window from the sea than the opposite.”

Anchor-shaped pendant from operators

The ship’s Commander, major wave, seems as excited about the visit. “When asked
To transfer to another ship because of the constraints, I insisted that Roy visited rather
With us. It is a great honour for the ship and if we can give someone a little fun so this means a lot for us either, “it States.

Roy walks in boat borrowed fatigues, as one of the fighters. He looked a little ashamed, but the crew realize proudly smiles on his face. Among the presents which orafu him, including a signed certificate from the Force Commander, and puck-one gift of spontaneous gesture Vaclav.

At the end of the trip shows Roy in sheepish smile gold necklace with a pendant in the shape of an anchor. “One.
The Warriors, Daniel gave me her while sitting. Without saying much, he just wrapped it around my neck, “he says. Near the pendant, sparkling on the civil bench pin shirt. “I’ll keep it as a souvenir, and hopefully one day
Get one of my own, “he said. “The trip was far beyond what I expected.
As I imagined it at home, thinking they’d make us tour while she was moored at the dock. I wasn’t sure we sail, nor knew that demonstrate my scopes on targets at sea, “he added.

Live the dream: child cancer patient sailed for סטי”ל with Navy fighters

Besides shooting targets in a Sea Shepherd boat tour throughout-the engine room to the bridge. “What moved me was to look back and see the length of the sets and the engines,” he describes.

Head naval personnel, Colonel Michal response, especially for the cruise. She says the IDF website because once the application has been rolled into the hands of Senior Corps-was no doubt approved. “Nobody asks himself if it’s true or not, this is the sort of thing that the IDF is committed to them by the people’s army,” he said. “Even in an age when budgetary reality requires a policy limited visits, it was decided to put the unnumbered amount off it takes to sail,” she adds.

Live the dream: child cancer patient sailed for סטי”ל with Navy fighters

Later in the conversation, msfen characterizes the general trend in the Navy: the increasing integration of
The volunteer corps. “In the past year significantly increased the number of volunteers, and he stands at 200, which last year stood at 130, lists Colonel answer. “Our aspiration is to be kept at an increase of 10% per year. Ultimately, this is a very high quality with a otibedit record. We make every volunteer needs-tailored suit and serve mainly to multimedia intelligence roles, “she says.

Roy’s father: “I hope he will oversee סטי”ל “

The unique clear Sailing Association and wishful thinking, which fulfilled wishes
Dividing into four areas: I want to be, I want to meet, I want to go,
And I want to get. The prioritization is done solely by medical urgency considerations. “It’s pretty rare to see Israeli-related wishes,” says Myint, works.
“Apart from this question, I remember children who wished to fly in 16, and a boy who wished to tour an aircraft carrier,” says. Colonel reply, which listens to the conversation with identified promise to remember the request to the carrier.

Throughout the day the ROI
Captain Assaf, Deputy Commander of the ship. He makes sure that Roy feels at home. “I told him a little about what we do here, and shared it with jokes. When I said we were going out for long trips, he asked me if we throw up, “he says. “I reminded him that the Court is known-or sea practitioners or practitioners to vomit”.

Live the dream: child cancer patient sailed for סטי”ל with Navy fighters

A few minutes before repeating this experience, gathered the staff to give Roy
The silver mask to lhazao. “You are part of the Navy and a brother, and you’re entitled to a PIN as part of the Welcome to ship and the Navy, sinking the captain’s voice of the p.a..

Immediately after sound reading sailors resonates from the crew, and starts another round
Of greetings from operators themselves. “We thank you for this day,” says the father of Roy, shaike warriors. “We hope that in a few years-to reconcile Chief today also settled, and he will oversee סטי”ל “, he concludes.

Translated from Hebrew