Logon security: a new role for the Navy will allow better guarded bases.

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The Navy develop a fundamental change in the basic defense force, as the first one to enjoy
The change is. Within a mabtachi separate facilities and highly-trained guards independent additional responsibilities

תאריך: 10/06/2013, 14:00    
מחבר: מתן מלמד, אתר חיל הים

The revolution in naval security road: new qualified guards to protect naval bases, or their new “strategic shield warriors”. Shield-warriors
To replace the security facilities, and to refine the nature of their duties. Although the protective fighters are fighting supporters of the array is expected to accept additional responsibilities like security
Overseas missions, special events and force in tightening the borders. Now the project is implemented only on the basis of Haifa.

“The new role is a role of fighting supporters who undergo in-depth course five weeks during which they taste also civilian training get her top security for Israel,” said the Commander in charge of security at the base, Maj. Daniel groia.

Alongside security and under him, the basic protection Center that binds Chemical Defense and Mainland into an array
Each. “The change of great importance, and for the first time running on so tight and under an array of one of the marine and land,” explained Maj. groia.

The coming attraction among other soldiering class Beck (random chemical control)
Specialised in operating and monitoring with advanced technological tools. The Beck that are
The focus track a base and officials in charge of the Organization and operational activities during exercise or in emergencies. “The focus might be expected to identify and locate any kind of threat directed toward the base settings, normal and emergency. This is a quantum leap
In the field of security, estimated Maj. groia.

The need for improvement of security is awake.
Recently, following a thorough check on security at the base. “The array
Established to address threats arising from dealing with the problem, “said the Commander. As part of the change, join the soldiers of security information, including the employer in the digital age. “The IDF Navy to the required change in security. In the us you can also see a change in the air force and in the technological and Logistics Directorate, “he said.

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