Look out down to the last detail.

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Contact lenses that nappy, against crabs and phone calls home – these are just some of the existential by the soldiers who were in the area during the “Cliff”. Individual care Department to provide a response to any problem

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

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What to do when a control break his glasses while fighting in the heart of the Gaza Strip, and as a result becomes corrupted when the service? In this case enters an individual department personnel wing: in collaboration with and contributions, the Department concerned that appropriate glasses, the right size and the exact number produced for the Warrior. Then moved
The glasses back to NTAC, and logistic convoy back to the Commander is. Now able to fight.
This case is a single example of the many performed in operation along the cliff “as part of its role to care for and handle routine duty soldiers
And in emergencies. Combat forces support was broad and various needs raised. For example, in the mobile phone companies operated five and orange that allow soldiers to communicate with the House. “In many cases, cell phones for soldiers
For security reasons the information phones that have Internet network were untraceable, “explained the head of martial TOS during the operation, Maj. Anat קוצ’ינסקי. “Mobility enabled third calls, calls ‘ stupid ‘ you cannot place.
In addition, where troops had permission to use the private mchshirm mobile charging stations are also allowed to send postcards to the rear. “Cars arrived each day, meeting areas and sometimes were the only soldiers with their”
Noted major קוצ’נסקי.

Look out down to the last detail.

In addition, individual Department also provided tens of thousands of different types of systems to soldiers in the field. About 30,000 hygiene kits were distributed, including the systems designed and adjusted to being in Israel, space limited systems tailored to stay in the Gaza Strip and tailored for women. With the progress observed in the Department have other sets that match your summer. Because the operations took place in winter, the new systems have been built and purchased during the current campaign and included products such as medicinal powder., aloe and lotion for swamp.
According to regulations, emergency kits start time after 21 days of combat, from lloachm thought should be enough equipment to that time. But the operation “Cliff”, which began as soon as the end of “operation return”, first estimates.
“Soldiers came to this round of fighting after a few weeks when operating in another operation.
For this reason and due to the hot weather began to respond after a few days of combat,
Said Maj. קוצ’ינסקי.
Here’s the specs Department liaison body for organizations who are authorized to receive and deliver donations to soldiers-and the Foundation of society, and therefore is not required to purchase channels. Therefore in particular provide completion for possible through technological and Logistics Directorate. אט”ל responsible for providing the necessary things, and in particular to the needs of basic supplies. For example-אט”ל provided for headlamps, while individual department head lamps provided to human resources Internet site, experiencing the difficulty in working with lists in darkness, and supporters
Additional weapons.

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