Looking for deep cockpit

צילום: דוברות חיל האוויר

The Red squadron of the Israeli air force Simulator, enemy aircraft and
The IDF to learn the methods and its development. Squadron leader: “we should not be
Complacent. “

תאריך: 05/02/2014, 16:43    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר

Facing a tense security reality that changes from moment to moment, the duty
Air force to be ready to respond to any scenario. The Mission of the air force command time faith red Squadron, the squadron air force unit which incorporates below ground forces, attack helicopters and fighter jets, and all for one purpose: preparing Air Force Squadrons to day have to defend my country.

Looking for deep cockpit

Last week the Red Squadron pilots battle combat workshop of Ramat David, including the day of enemy pilots. Squadron commander Lt. Col. Ziv, introduced the method of work of the squadron during the workshop. “We choose the route of ground where we make our flight and the route deploying ground teams that enemy mbiimim. In this case, it describes the Northwestern and Fresno, forces at strategic points in the area “, he said.

Meanwhile, the Red Squadron pilots, Squadron seemed to make it difficult for pilots to perform the task. “Our goal is to simulate the enemy in the more realistic way. We’re trying to get into his head and do what he does in the fighting, “Colonel Ziv — adding” this training was a lot of elements, but focused mainly on the protection of air and air assault. According to him, all built during training with the commanders of squadrons, training to be as relevant to the purposes.

Looking for deep cockpit

The enemy is a task that requires a lot of work and effort. When she’s not training
Other squadrons, red Squadron is trained on enemy squadrons-image using all the resources the army had to offer in the field of intelligence. “Every year, and every time there are changes in the enemy: whether it changes the weapons, fighting capabilities
Or mental changes, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Ziv. “The enemy’s learning is continuous, and we
Trying to adapt to what’s happening on the other side, “he added.

Dealing with the most advanced threats that we estimate to be an enemy.

These days, when the political situation and political unstable northern sector, it is important to make clear the seriousness of Squadron work in emergency preparation. “We
Don’t underestimate anyone our enemy and hardest mode. If practice in thinking that the enemy is weak – no practice. We must rest in place of complacency. Need to be vigilant to surprise enemy “, explained squadron leader.

Looking for deep cockpit

In order to create the effect of surprise-squadrons, the squadron conducts a variety of red. For example, it was the pilots training-information about a small amount of aircraft-get bigger aircraft amount to create the element of surprise and the unplanned situation. Anything to avoid complacency.

The squadron commander participates in exercise, Lieutenant Colonel, told about the importance of training with the Red Squadron pilots for preparedness. “This type of training is a great opportunity to learn from each other, and the idea of working with a pilot directed by the enemy gives added value to this exercise,” adding that “we are dealing with the most advanced threats that we estimate to be an enemy”.

Looking for deep cockpit

“Preparing for a possible escalation of preparing for the worst threat, and therefore it is very important to practice against those threats,” explained Squadron. “The dissolution of Syria conceals many dangers. Against this reality, faced a variety of threats are relevant to the workshop “, concluded.

Translated from Hebrew