Looking for Hezbollah in the eye: the Druze fighters had completed an exercise in Galilee

צילומים: בן רם דוד, דובר צה”ל

The smoke battalions dealing with terrorists on the northern border, as well as
Rescue hostages. The Battalion Commander: “Hezbollah is trying to refine the contours of his attacks and technological progress.”

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

Against the backdrop of the Galilean hills, between the villages – the exercise Regiment regimental sword out. This is one of the few regiments in which racers, shoot and perform a task – even in Arabic.

During the exercise, they bypass the Lebanon Army post waiting for some peak and storm cell of Hezbollah. As time passes, more and more so-called flock soldiers to enemy positions. “Hezbollah’s fighting in the civil war in Syria which inspires confidence and change the pattern accordingly,” said battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel, Raafat. “Nevertheless,” he added, “it is clear to everyone, even to Hizbollah, the IDF is much stronger and will remain so.”

The silence of the nature of the violation, the team rolls the front command (command) of the battalion commander, loaded with weights and vigilance, seeks full chest cold air. When they got to the border crossing, at the height of the tension, the fighters are moving into position. The border police surrounded at least three radios.

After a few seconds, the metal talk about declared: “there is no name or threats?”,
The intelligence officer Meg wood brigades, and Meg continued to ask: “can I go?”.

Hezbollah gaining operational experience in Syria

Ten minutes later the force already in Lebanon. Engineering forces forced him through at Chargers imagined, and he proceeded with caution. While past somebody crossing, donning a bulletproof vest and yellow phosphorus, waving his finger downward that marked one of the soldiers injured.

Looking for Hezbollah in the eye: the Druze fighters had completed an exercise in Galilee

Wearing the vest was part of the team that day, responsible for creating the exercise scenarios. 
“Nobody move” sounds alarm, voice suddenly after the yellow vest that has slipped away.
The soldiers froze in place. “There are injured, someone up on a mine,” the voice continued. “Should extract

While intense rescue squad aided Hezbollah personnel, opened fire to force. They bliacho out of the bushes, a distance of five meters away, and fired at them with fire. “Recently, Hezbollah is trying to refine the contours of his attacks,” the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel. “We take it into account in preparing this exercise, according to the latest scene in all spheres,” said.

Agenda an officer Thunder Lebanon border, major, sees this change from another component within a larger image. “After the second Lebanon war, Hezbollah lost resonance among the Lebanese people,” he said. “Hezbollah is Syria to develop new operational capabilities and thus buy renew public faith, reasoned and Shi’ite added that” Syria is gaining operational experience, and we’ll see if we meet him on the ground. “

While climbing up the mountain, the Warriors slipped glances to the valley behind. While walking among the rocks, they watched the villages where their families live. As for transportation when the soldiers came, than ordered them to look at the way it went.
“We feel we are home grounds, share with the regiment.

Lebanon Army could make a neutral factor in effect

To conquer the Summit of Mount ADIR, sector, the regiment had to cross I (tangled fortified space-space action characteristic of Hezbollah, also called tangle). In the convoluted, managed a similar Squad of Hezbollah kidnapping two Israeli soldiers. The rules have changed: in addition to occupation, they had to try and return the two prisoners. “The deal with the challenge, and we were able to return them to us,” noted. “the threat of kidnapping is a major challenge. Therefore used all
The scenarios in the last two days–even without a clearinghouse for indicator kidnapping set “expanded.

Looking for Hezbollah in the eye: the Druze fighters had completed an exercise in Galilee

According to prevailing realities, the exercise included dealing consists in front of several factors-Hezbollah, Lebanon’s army. “In this exercise, we practice the Warriors
The regiment to pass through. Lebanon Army neutral factor, in the middle of the fighting might become an attacker, “said Senior 91st Division. “From the moment they
They try to harm us, we will strike them hard, “he clarified.

But his attack abilities include the Hezbollah central efforts to improve his martial abilities, either at night. “He had a gap in this field so far,” said Lieutenant Colonel.
“It is still nowhere near the tip of the iceberg of the Israeli capability, said.

This exercise is not more regular exercise. It differs from other spend by held in middle of operational employment. “This is a multi-billion dollar exercise a battalion to war, you may have to do in an emergency,” said Senior Division and awarded “the border is very volatile, and it’s good to train the battalion in the dedicated section. Furthermore, it is important to maintain service in the current budget. “As part of the trend in emissions we are having this format, and save so much money,” he added.

Translated from Hebrew