Maglan won combat elite units

צילום: עמית שלומוביץ’, מז”י

Israeli Championship was held for the first Krav Maga special units, which took 16 commandos. After Glenn cherry came to second and third panels

תאריך: 23/05/2013, 15:49    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

IDF special units participated yesterday (Wednesday) for the first time in the championship battle. The Championship was attended by 16 special units and elite who practiced in Krav Maga – face each other. The first place in the group deserves maglan. Cherry picked up second place in the tournament and finished lots in third place.

To the Championship sent each three deal, which are divided into three houses by weight.
As is customary. Any battle which took place in the Championship divided into three cycles, each one a minute. Who trial competition were reservists the IDF’s combat fitness.

“We start now to prepare not only special units and gdserim, but also living divisions in Krav Maga,” the IDF combat fitness רמ”ח site, Colonel Oren. “Givati Krav Maga training in carrying out her last will, and bring (divisional training bases) are starting to get training in their qualifications.

In addition noted that age from Colonel the next month, also the school of the professions and lives to get his Krav Maga training qualifications, so that completion of the course you will from warring divisions can move to their basic training in Krav Maga. “A fighter, whether an elite unit or a regular Infantry Brigade, is the only soldier preparing to deal face to face with the enemy. In addition to the weapon he uses another weaponry that disposal is his body, his physical abilities. Krav Maga training really contribute to flexibility, agility, and build a stronger body, “explained Mr. He said, next year is also expected to participate in the Championship alive.

Translated from Hebrew