Sgt. Allison Bresson, who emigrated from France to join the border patrol, thwarted stabbing. “I am proud to represent the Corps years after emigrating to Israel in a plague to France
To join the border patrol, and six months after they’ve taken two terrorists tried to carry out sting against
Majestic warriors at Apple, Sgt. Allison Bresson, border warfare, light beacon
At the ceremony the traditional independence day independence day Eve the 68.

Allison Bresson, was born and raised in Paris, and always
She felt a special connection and connection to the State of Israel. In 2012, Allison decided to leave his life in France,
And to go to Israel to fulfill a dream, to be a fighter at the border and take part in the task of protecting
Israel security. “As a teenager in France, sat and watched the news, I saw the events that call
In Israel and knew I was going to go abroad and make significant combatant service, “she says.

Allison actually went to the border patrol. On 30 October 2015, close to noon, two ropes.
Mounted on a motorcycle, the Tapuah junction settlement,
Regularly manned by fighters. Suddenly the terrorists requires broke with drawn knives
In an attempt to stab a border warrior was placed instead. Allison, who was also stationed at the checkpoint,
The terrorists sought contact with accurate gunfire towards the terrorists until neutralized them.   One bomber was killed on the spot and two injured critically.
In the fast and professional action thwarted Allison
Attack and prevented attacks on its members.

During reconstruction conducted by Allison in front of officers meet
Said: “we are vigilant and trained exactly these events, I saw the two terrorists down with knives.
Towards the I realized that if I hesitate for a second to me Warrior no longer alive “.

“I am indeed alone and my family stayed in France in the meantime.
But after such an event, you know exactly the importance and what we all need to join to protect
The country, we have no other country, “said Allison.

Border guard commander, major General Amos Jacob, praised
The Allison and told her, “you run, the true Warrior, quick and professional response
Without a doubt saved lives. “

Last week, the Chief of police,
Relations between Rooney and 212 border Commander, kobby Saturn, to recommend to the Committee to select
Virtue the beacons, Staff Sgt. Allison Bresson to light a torch at a ceremony in the West today.
68 the independence. Upon completion of the work of the Committee staff members received today.
The recommendation of the Inspector and Commander, and chose Allison to light a torch next to an IDF officer.
Thus, to be the first representative of the funky border beacon with a warrior in ritual.
. Allison will be a border Warrior the fifth win
Turn the beacon on the ceremony.

Upon receiving the news of her choice, said Allison:
“My mouth words to describe the excitement and pride I feel tremendous. Privilege fell.
In part, I am glad to represent the Israel police force I so love being part of it. I am proud to be a representative of thousands of warriors and fighters stationed daily hour in places
And the feeling in Israel, all in order to ensure the security of the State and its citizens “.

Translated from Hebrew