A resident of Ashdod was arrested by dark deeds in dozens of 10-11 girls throughout Tacoma. He brought the day to extend special investigation, azerzzoot was established as a result of the number of complaints received for obscene acts with girls throughout Israel, stopped yesterday the suspect actions, a resident of Ashdod (52).
The arrest of a suspect who made obscene acts in girls 11-10.

The investigation found that in some cases the suspect at the entrance to the building are stimulating and asked them to try on bathing, after he told them he was a teacher. He went with them to a place where hidden performed them thrills. No investigation progressed we picture asked the public’s help in looking for him.

The suspect will be brought today to extend the detention and interrogation is in progress. If you known more details, please contact us ASAP to 100 or space station.

Translated from Hebrew