Marching and remember

About 2,000 soldiers of combat engineering school marched miles in a journey of Holocaust victims: “feel, to connect and to remind yourself of responsibility with big shoulders.”

תאריך: 29/04/2014, 15:35    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Wave of 2,000 soldiers deployed to the area between combat engineering school to a nearby Valley, a few miles away.
Away. The trip, which took place in the morning, was held for the first time in order to specify uniquely meaningful especially the Holocaust Memorial Day, followed by an exciting ceremony viewpoint.

Traffic was low, and the soldiers carrying vests, weapons and Israel flags, each along the desert landscape walking the perimeter surrounds them. “I believe these moments help to understand and touch the very deepest places on a personal level. To feel, to connect and to remind yourself of responsibility with big shoulders, “said the IDF site conversation control on HAL, Colonel Ilan savage. “It was the first time we did something else. A ceremony is experienced, powerful and empowering their meaning as warriors, fighting commanders and supporters, “he says.

The ceremony was marked by heroism during the Holocaust, in order to enhance the strong events that happened there. “When we stood there and large group was strong saunter on all levels,” explained Colonel Savage, “to wear a uniform on a day like this it feels very powerful. You take a deep breath and accept with excitement and mountain and everyone’s sense of responsibility. This underscores the importance of their fighters. “

After the ceremony had company commanders calls. “Anyone found a corner, with the landscape and took the issue to the sites. It gives a place worthy of respect, “said Colonel Savage,” need to think about how to move the memory, because it is constantly moving away from us. “

The body walking, thinking

Among the soldiers who took part in the March in hell was cpl. Amit Netzer, a Holocaust survivor who is ‘ semi-absolute ‘ granddaughter serving as the sun rising. The way the soldiers in absolute silence, allowing them to sink. “You go and nothing to do but think about yourself,” she told the site. “my grandfather, a Holocaust survivor and he died by cancer three years ago – I got to thinking about him a lot during the walk. At the same time not thinking about what I’m doing right now, but what my grandfather had. It was very cold.
And I thought – if cold now and I’m healthy and strong, how it felt for my grandfather to go? The body was on foot and his head in thought. “

It wasn’t the first Holocaust Memorial Day, Scion of cpl. but he felt her otherwise. “Something felt different, all flooded me. The journey is something that makes you think – you won’t start the day as usual but got up especially at night. It was very special, “she explained. “Making such a trip that day and go dressed in uniform with dozens of flags of Israel – it filled me pride.”

“What has always fascinated me in my grandfather’s story that he was close to death and survived,” noted corporal Netzer, “my grandfather didn’t talk about his story until we’ve done the work and needed to talk to – then he poured it all. When I heard the story, I realized what was going on, not a day goes by that I don’t think Boa and see that he was a hero. Every time I tell the story I’m filled with pride – so important to move it forward and remember. “

Translated from Hebrew