Mechanical engineering: 603 battalion completed an exercise in describing Lebanese

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Bob battalion fighters fighting against Hezbollah operatives describe.
The complex maneuvers emphasized the importance of engineering tools in the North

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

Exercise, exercise, exercise: 603 battalion fighters Wednesday morning rose to quiet day. News streamed media about Hizballah’s weapons convoy, which was supposed to move from Syria to Lebanon, deep burning and prevented
On the way.

Weapon convoys like this become routine business lately, as a result of attempts
Hezbollah to cement his weapons stores JAWS Syrian civil war, Lebanese to safer ground. The specific case of the Hizbullah organization marked
The IDF responsible for prevention.

Twenty-four hours later, the regiment was already deep into the exercise built for 91st Division and practiced various scenarios against the enemy. After a sleepless night,
And dealing with simulated trading and attack operations squads of Hezbollah fighters, were exhausted on top of ‘ very important ‘ Ramot Naftali was none other than shown in Lebanon it occupied by Hezbollah.

“You can’t ignore the fact that Syria fought Hezbollah renew their attacks. The next debate is going to be more creative and experienced, “said the IDF site c 603, Lieutenant Colonel Roy zibrberg. “We are seeing progress on capabilities of Hezbollah. Apparently meeting Assad army teaches him to use more sophisticated operating systems, didn’t have any, “and stressed that” if he went to fight the shbamtachto ability of Syria he returned with x x plus one.

Infantry Regiment practice for all intents and purposes

The morning began in many similar scenarios: shooting light arms to two adjacent villages placed and set, steep trajectory gunfire (תמ”ס) to the three charges in Israel territory, and entering the settlement. “Hezbollah attacked Israel because be the motorcade. Besides reinforcing weak points at the border, the Division decided to react firmly and active, and the task of conquering territory control in Lebanon, told IDF website designed agenda officer, Maj. Lior, the comment and added that “the enemy attacked us already in the Conference, but the soldiers stormed.”

The exercise was also attended by other forces besides the battalion, as indeed is real maneuver “The exercise required of the Mag all martial systems. He received a full shell-shaped armor, artillery battery, ride, and commandos, and observations
Helicopter gunships. They were given intelligence gathering tasks and shared goals, “Maj. Shushan.

In the current exercise, the battalion functioned as an infantry battalion for almost everything. However,
The battalion commander testified that in describing the capabilities of Lebanese lives and engineering often cannot cling and Falcon. “The fighting in Lebanon from beginning to end is an engineering challenge,” said Meg “Lebanon holding elements we need to give them an answer.
It begins in should open way, in a minefield the old need to cross, underground infrastructure that needs to be destroyed, and cargo and demand lines need to neutralize, “he clarified.

Mechanical engineering: 603 battalion completed an exercise in describing Lebanese

The team directing the exercise enemy has a lot of intelligence, and the shortato
Were accurate to the last detail – from technical details to combat tactics to give the warriors a sense they are in Lebanon. During the fighting, explosions sounded fake, and the soundtrack was really a failure among the war.

The Division’s battalions operating throughout the intensive exercise. “My company, my company, was a major point that I actually was the first troop combatants told the IDF site Captain Yarin Amar, company. “We steered the first Regiment when he went and then glued upon the various missions,” described the sequence of events.

פומ”ות between the rocks.

As a rule, no one selected pose cylinder make trainer for the Lebanese because he resembles him in many properties. “It was the first experience of the construction company.
Rocks, mud and undergrowth. The company was in good spirit and a desire to strive for.
The company was very proud to lead, “described the m.

The exercise’s main Act was designed as a surprise, and unscheduled mission. “We managed
Among a quickie, and immediately went to the root of Ramot Naftali. The time frame was short: just received the command and conquer, and we received the order to retreat a few hours have passed, “testified Capt. Chazan, a company commander. “We proved that we can be חי”רניקים to twenty-four hours and meet all tasks, “said.

The side mtmarnot p company (heavy equipment) of the Regiment, which generates
Heavy tools, participated in this exercise mainly as backup power ready to ride. However, the company commander said he learned a lot from the exercise. “Testing methods for spatial and movement abilities that facing the Regiment is currently using Poe (hackers-engineering obstacles), described Captain ran as Hani, the company commander.

The exercise was signed in between for battalion commander, expressed his satisfaction with the success of the exercise. “In our part of the right to work out exactly how the war breaks out, and so on,” said Lieutenant Colonel zibrberg. After this exercise, I feel it’s safer to go to war — knowing you’re behind. “

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