Medical teams at central command have over 1500 casualties in 2012

ניידת טיפול נמרץ צבאית בפיקוד מרכז. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

New data indicate success of medical teams, spread from the sea of Galilee to the dead sea. I recently went to use command using innovative plasma transfusion and mobile intensive care unit opened a new military

תאריך: 14/06/2013, 17:14    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

More than 1,500 casualties treated by central command in 2012, according to a medical unit of the data command. According to the Chief command, Colonel medicine Dr. Dov Albuquerque, nearly half of the soldiers deployed 15.
Of immigrants, which most of them were injured in road accidents, work accidents
Or various diseases.

“Dozens of wounded and sick in the Judea and Samaria ravine survived this year thanks to our treatments, told IDF Colonel doctor Albuquerque website, responsible, among other things, medical value
The deploy command, “this success was made possible largely due to the tight partnership,
All year round, with civilian rescue bodies, like a lawyer and firefighter, and deals with training
And joint training.

Convert (command Chief of Medicine) noted that the existing medical cooperation with the Red Crescent medical service, and using the dialogue through the civil administration, working together. “With all the intricacies of it, we try to have fruitful cooperation in the field of medicine with the Palestinians. The importance of coordination in the field of medicine outweighs other considerations. There is stability of the subject, even in hard times. ” Meanwhile, the Colonel and said that in any event Dr. Albuquerque
Injured Palestinians treat military power, and the Red Crescent, and evacuation in progress according to the severity of the injury.

Medical teams at central command have over 1500 casualties in 2012

ICU military mobile (טנ”ץ)

According to the old, many cases reach Palestinians independently to gates of bases throughout Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, and seek treatment by IDF forces, he emphasized that the dozens of cases of CPR or emergency medical treatment.

“The many Palestinians who saved their lives.
We use all means at our disposal, “explained Mr. Dr. Albuquerque the Colonel gave as an example a case in which a Palestinian was brought of c in the Valley with ingesting a pesticide poisoning. His condition was critical. Thanks to immediate medical treatment received by טנ”צ mobile (ICU military) and Terence to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem, his life was saved.

“Innovative means saving lives.”

Today there are seven intensive under
Command when the latter established a month ago for Benjamin. “The cars are Gentoo
Sector, to quickly reach the scene, equipped with the most advanced equipment and
A skilled person, “Mr breaker.” def, paramedic and EMT operations outstanding work and dedication provide advanced treatment and intensive and rapid evacuation to the hospital.

So that told the Mr that in recent months made in mobility in plasma treatment
And the first in the world that you are treating this product outside of the hospital was in the Valley, by def, treating wounded Palestinian critically injured in a car accident. “I ordered the military medical authority there are innovative life saving measures, which are available to the bodies. Recently cetiideno in the plasma is
Fluid resuscitation, containing among other clotting factors that help stop bleeding and vascular volume back to injured prior to arrival to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Colonel Dr. Albuquerque observed that there are Palestinian medical system
Advanced medical services. However, sometimes the medical authorities in charge must assist with abilities. “The transfer of wounded Palestinians gaining take longer or be able to handle the Palestinian complex injury, consider evacuation to hospital, in coordination with the Palestinian Ministry of health.

In addition, Mr. said most of the injured Palestinians treated after accidents, diseases and work accidents, and several injuries caused by IDF operational disturbances and dispersion is low. “There are many Palestinians who know the quality of public and military medicine in Israel, and as a result some families insist that treat and evacuate the wounded in ourselves.”

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