Military police combine with disabilities in its ranks

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Akim Association visited the Warriors, passes and gums packed for gift baskets for the storm. אג”ם & רמ”ח professions: “let people be exposed to strange force”

תאריך: 23/12/2013, 11:43    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

חיל המשטרה הצבאית
גדודי המעברים

The military police officer (קמצ”ר), Brigadier General Golan, visited Erez battalion together with אק”ים Association a week ago. Erez Battalion soldiers oversee security, Jerusalem envelope, breaks for gift baskets them packed in the society. “During
Snow, Akim apprentice contributed to the military police soldiers at crossing points and the police force at Jerusalem baskets, and we appreciate that very much, “said אג”ם רמ”ח, and
Colonel Yuri Bronstein.

“In recognition of your contribution to the country and for the beleaguered front peak in days.
-Last we are pleased to forward to you a sweet gift enclosures which are packaged with love by people with special needs, apprentice employment rehabilitation centers in Ramat Gan and Giv’atayim,
It was written in a letter sent by the Chairman of the branch in Ramat Gan Giv’atayim, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Gideon Ahmed, who recently completed a role in the history department and a volunteer for over 15 years in the Organization, “kamch Blizzard decided that the cooperation should be a two-way street, too.
On our part, and recognition of the activities suggested that military police bring dozens of gift candy
We pack the campers “, told the website.

Currently there is no intention to integrate disabled soldiers, military service under “equal” service uniform. “We want to integrate a group of soldiers with mental disabilities in the military police base, roles that are suitable for their abilities. They are not volunteers.
Are everything “, said Chairman of the branch. Currently there are two soldiers serving in the fleet.
Military police in this context.

“The goal is to combine our soldiers of Akim, and integrate their students in our activities, specify אג”ם and רמ”ח. “We want to give to soldiers and commanders
Normal force, dealing with enforcement and crime eradication life saving activities, touching another part of the company. We want to expose them to special populations and differences, “he added.

“The collaboration with soldiers is part of an approach of breaking down barriers and building bridges between people and normativim people with intellectual disabilities. So we show them our children, and many times it creates excitement with the other side. It gives them a basis to be better people, “said Lt. Col. (Ret.) Ahmed. “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and I’m looking forward that will evolve,” concluded Colonel Bronstein.

Translated from Hebrew