Military police summarizes 2013: all data

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Reduction of 30% in more than 4,000 weapons thefts in captured and impairment exposure first security: trends, and changes in the activities of the military police.

תאריך: 01/06/2014, 16:55    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

משטרה צבאית

The military police force agreed last week the 2013 Special Conference chaired by kamch (military police officer) Brigadier General Golan, and heard about the major trends for the new year.

The past year was a year packed with military police work, during which the modified force and many innovations. Military police focuses its efforts on several levels that consolidating efforts to preserve the moral strength of the army; In policing and incarceration, in the aisles and in the investigations. According to the average day kamch provided discipline reports, 34 38 12 crossings and open perspectives in criminal cases. In addition, every month dealing with force an average of 68 accidents in motor.

Among the most significant changes this year include closing cumulative unit – the unit
To infiltrators, after two years of activity. Following the completion of the fence in the South of the country and the entry of infiltrators to the country.

At the same time opened for the first time military police battalions in the HFC,
In order to strengthen the connection between the during emergencies. In addition, ‘ orange ‘ lightning, national radio communication between the different security agencies, was a pilot for men (the main unit to monitor traffic).

The kidnapping operations proves effectiveness

The military police came to a number of different types of promotions during
This year there were 11 in 2013 “dummy” abduction operations throughout the country. This decrease in the number of rendered report due to rise. “This decrease means that our hakipa. We have our own kidnappers, not hostile, “Brigadier General noted. In addition, the specials were 11 dresses to keep sampling the soldiers including two way arch operations involving a judgment. Three operations were “hit the waves to catch drunk drivers in the last one week ago was held on new year’s Eve. In addition, conducted extensive operations for deserters and remit.

Also, this year held the first special designation “middle watch to expose and eliminate deficiencies in basic security.” the combined findings of no operation. We should not be deficiencies in IDF bases the operation takes place in conjunction with the commanders, giving them
Mirror image so that together act to rectify the situation “, said the military police officer in the incident.

The crossings operated year round Cedar brigades and light the taoz security that took place in Israel, and coped with increasing sophistication and constant learning of wanting to sneak into the country. “If there’s anything that indicates the year that the smuggling attempts and aziofim justice. It teaches us that our hart works and effective transitions brigades “, said Brigadier General. The troops captured this year illegal stay 4146 (b) attempting to enter the country.

The investigation (from military police) have developed a new operational concept changes the perception (prevention, detection and deterrence). Subsequently conducted throughout the IDF actions in unprecedented injunction, a decrease of 30 percent lost weapons vs.
2012. in 2013 were 23694, 4100 and opened investigations, of which 30% are related to weapons and drugs, and 20% of accidents. “There are fewer events, but severity increases. If in the past there was an exception or two, the 2013 13. exceptions in severity, “said קמצ”ר between the special investigations registered the death of Sergeant Tomer
Cantor, events of violence against Palestinians and Israeli soldiers hand in weapons. As well as, and increase in abnormal quantities and fuel theft through the long-term pazomat-stealing large sums of money.

Plan for establishing military prison is greater

In the prepare and light a cm (base confinement) 394 and 396 cm (jail 4 and 6) South and Union to the central prison. It also continued the task for a 13-year, which qualified the military police soldiers, the training complex, across from the headquarters of the military police officer (from kamch) to Lod and beyond deep units (central unit for special investigations) and the right to camp Mota Gur (camp Beit Lid).

The Corps continued to operate in the field of promoting recruitment to, and many amlsh (security service candidates) received a visit from police officers. “We see a huge difference in access to the Corps and soldiers on. Despite the high amount of detective won’t even hear about came three months after mobilization, according to all polls, 85 percent of our servants not ready to hear about any other force “,

Mash’al said קמצ”ר the reality of having to work in polar officers in, and significant trends will lead this year. Thus specify the security situation in neighbouring countries, the economic situation in the country and cutting the defense budget and IDF bases. “We worked this year to process light resources, what we need to do more in 2014 because resources are reduced even more,” he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew