Miscommunication: the electronic shadows unit activities of IDF

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Active Mountain Battalion fighters and warriors around the Gaza Strip, to stop the enemy’s communications frequencies. The commander replied: “about 10 cases of accurate shooting to IDF forces.”

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מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב

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אגף התקשוב

In the Gaza Strip area group parked a different military vehicle. From him is the club where dozens of infantry battalion photo activity sector guidelines. The Club is filled with food, drink and supplies it brought citizens from across the country and soldiers inside the vehicle, two soldiers sitting with headphones to their heads in front of computer screens and radios.

Thoughts are miles away in Gaza also worry that friends inside, and try to scan your networks the length and breadth of the Strip. The operation takes part, team Commander Sgt. in Psagot, electronic warfare battalion airborne of the IDF, disrupt and paralyze the enemy media,
In all the sectors of the IDF since the beginning of operation “Cliff” battalion fighters broke down South, and they take part in physical inside Gaza constitute another layer of protection, and combat assistance to combat units in the field. Using a variety of tools and kits classified them battalion fighters active in the air, on land and sea.

Working precisely with the assistance of intangible

It is noon on Friday. The area of the Gaza Strip alone, after the entry into force of the humanitarian pause. Silence is not an indication of activity there has been in the area a few days ago. “A few days ago we got on that frequency, blocking enemy very quickly,” says Sergeant sat idle. “All three of those weeks the homeless were worth this moment, when we realised that we protect our forces and that they are confident in us,” he added.

In emergencies, the task can become real life had caught “We have developed a special concept to combat such cases,” explains the Center Commander, Colonel Sun, during his briefing. “The IDF in the Gaza Strip have no idea that we were there with them, protect them.
What interests us is the enemy. Prevented about 10 cases of accurate shooting toward troops in recent days, “he reveals.

“We aggressively but accurately, and helps combat warriors divisional teams in the Gaza Strip. The Gunners feel, with the guns they shoot.
Armor and infantry are the forefront of fighting, they encounter enemy eyes. Our assistance is palpable. We are not there physically, but does affect the fighting, “he elaborated. With the development of technology, armies and terrorist organizations alike are increasingly based on communication systems – management networks, mobile networks and computerized means.

Technological warfare that contributes to operational effort

Darkness descends on the area of the Gaza Strip. Sergeant a. Warrior battalion, sitting next to one of them the regiment. The cease-fire is about to expire in less than an hour, and she waiting for orders to the rest of the evening. Every moment can be ordered
The only Headquarters for further action. A. is the substitute who immigrated to Israel from the United States, and she lived with a family adopts Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak, a few miles from the Gaza Strip. It is placed not far away in this capacity. “Quieter here, ran to get away from the fire,” she laughs.

When a Sergeant serving as the Assistant Chief of the training unit in the center of the country, but with the beginning of operation torch which will take part in the hostilities in the South. “If we were fighting in the North was less shit, but here it feels different,” she explains.
“A week after the start of the operation were still at the base, until one morning I woke up and found that the rocket landed in the yard of the House. That it’s getting personal here, “she says, adding that” fighting for it, and finally took me here.

To the unique role came from the women’s movement icon of the IDF, after hearing it was a role that combines combat and technology. “I was very excited from the combination,” she remembers.
“All in all, no regiment doing separation tasks between the boys to girls. Also in other
Units-in I have a friend who’s sailing naval ship now and company that flew over Gaza City two days ago, “she shares.

The only activity in the area of the Gaza Strip is also closure for the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel g, which began to command the Regiment during operation “pillar”. Similar to its predecessors in the role, he did his military service as a communications officer in the IDF field units — regiments, divisions and regional divisions. “Operation ‘ pillar ‘ was for me the beginning of the designer incident
The role, and I feel like I’m contributing to our activities now. The soldiers are working tirelessly in creativity, initiative and operational, “he explains. “We are strong and ready for action.

Translated from Hebrew