Murderer of Sergeant Tomer Cantor wants life imprisonment and 20 years of additional imprisonment

סמ”ר תומר חזן ז”ל. צילום: באדיבות המשפחה

Nidal ‘ Amer, who killed the soldier and hid his body in a water cistern, wants life imprisonment for murder and 20 years as a result of other serious charges.

תאריך: 09/07/2014, 10:10    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל


This week, the military court verdict on the punishment of Samaria, Nidal ‘ Amer, who killed Sergeant Tomer z Cantor in September 2013.
The two knew each other well after their joint hatiiddo the restaurant at sea. The murder was carried out after ‘ Amer plan with his two brothers to kidnap the soldier to use as a bargaining chip in a prisoner swap for the release of his brother, Nur ad-Din ‘ Amer, sits in an Israeli prison.

Besides charges of causing death, the accused also ‘ Amer for aggravated kidnapping, obstruction of Justice and violating an order regarding closure of area (entrance and staying in Israel without a permit). To twenty years imprisonment received additional footsteps of multiple offenses and severity.

A message that is intended to prevent the next kidnapping.

A disturbing phenomenon that her setter in recent years is human abduction
To make a deal to release terrorists. As specified in the verdict, while the materials examined in the investigation, abducted three boys age-Shaer, Naftali frenkiel and fagr, which sharpened the spread. “We could not ignore the spirit of the Palestinian Street in relation to the abduction of civilians and soldiers and the dmiham left for bargaining,” stated in the sentence. “The Court is required to say the word and play his voice trouble for Lebanon
To prevent this, even when the worst has happened.

According to the plaintiff in the case, Capt. Gail Bensimon, the Court’s task is to deliver a clear message of deterrence. “Should send a message that gives emphasis on the sanctity of life to stop the phenomenon of abduction of a person for the purpose of becoming a bargaining chip to release terrorists,” she emphasized.

One of the key points of the prosecution is a deterrent to abduction, designers and is reflected in the severity of the sentence, despite the discussions held before kidnapping
And the murder of three youths. “This is a phenomenon that many times not to do so,” explained Captain Ben Simon. “When you see another case file relating to persons who attempt to kidnap a soldier we had this one clearly does not stand alone. Because it asked for the intervention of the Court in terms of punishment and deterrence “, mostly. According to Captain Ben Simon, an operational goal is achieving kidnapping attempts “Gilad Shalit” to release prisoners.
“I hope the verdict would deter anyone who believes that the solution to the tool to achieve the goal is to use ADAM as a bargaining chip,” she said.

Cases as well of two brothers of needle ‘ Amer, also accused of causing the death of Sgt. Hazan, still exists and was sentenced in a military court in the West Bank.

Translated from Hebrew